Thursday, 23 May 2013

Get Chocolatey - Body Shop Chocomania

Body Shop Chocomania - here

Hi lovely ladies, hope you're okay! I have some really exciting news to share with you all, eeee I got a full time job working as a hospital as a personal assistant so that's super exciting! So hopefully it won't effect my blogging so much, I am very very excited though. Anyway I'm going to jump straight into the post otherwise I could babble on about my new job for hours. Today I'm sharing with you some chocolate-y goodies from the Body Shop. I went to a Body Shop Party (Did you know they did these?!) and ended up picking up some bits and bobs. If I'm honest I'm not a massive Body Shop lover, I haven't really experimented with their products before so to try out all of these was amazing and the party was really cool because I got to play with all their products, beauty bloggers dream an all.

I picked up a few different things from the Body Shop Party, firstly I picked up their Chocomania Gift Set, this came in the cutest heart shape box and contained mini sample sizes of their chocolate collection. It came with a mini chocolate body butter, a mini chocolate body scrub, a mini chocolate shower gel and a chocolate flavored lip balm. Then because I didn't think I had ordered enough chocolate at all ;) I decided to order the chocolate soap and also the chocomania body lotion. I know what you're thinking, that is a lot of chocolate and it is! But seriously you guys need to go and smell this stuff, it in incredible it is the sweetest and most gorgeous smell in the world, I'm not going to lie though if you hate chocolate this is not going to be your cup of tea at all but for any girl who loves chocolate and doesn't mind smelling like it all day long this stuff is a dream.

I think if you're new to the Body Shop and want to experiment with some of their products you should definitely pick up one of their sample size gift sets in the scent you like. I know the body shop does a lovely range of gift sets and they do some lovely scents as well. I really like the strawberry one, the citrus one and also the Shea butter but all of their body butters really did smell amazing and would make an excellent treat for yourself or a really nice gift too. The Chocomania Gift Set that I got was £15.00 which I think is a really good deal considering you're getting four good size sample products and also a really nice tin to house them in. My favourite of the set is definately the Body Butter, I've heard a lot of love surrounding the different body butters on different blogs and I'm really happy that I finally got to try one, they are so moisturizing and leave your skin so soft and refreshed. I also really love the lip balm and I would definitely buy the full size of both of those products when I've ran out.

I also really love the Chocomania Body Lotion, (here) this is a really nice alternative to the body butter, because it's the exact same scent but is a lighter formula meaning that you can just pump a little bit out and spread it on your skin and it'll sink in really quickly where as the body butters are a bit of a thicker consistency and are going to take that bit longer to sink into the skin. I think the body lotion is more of an every day body moisturiser where as the body butter would be better for giving your skin a really nice treat. I would also really recommend the Body Shop Soaps, (here) for £2.00 you can get them in lots of different lovely scents meaning you can treat yourself for a really small price and I think they're perfect for a pampering evening.

Overall I would really recommend picking up some products from the Body Shop, I will be definitely going back to pick up some more of their products. For now though I am in completely chocolate heaven and smelling super sweet! 
Thank you all for reading,
Lots of love
Gem xxxx

Friday, 17 May 2013

Seventeen Superstars

Hi ladies, hope you're all okay and having a fab friday! I'm so excited to share with you my post today. It's all to do with some products I picked up recently and have been loving from the brand seventeen. Now, if you've read my blog for a while you probably know that I have quite a mix of high end and high street makeup featured on my blog. Now I love Mac and Benefit as much as the next person but it really is nice sometimes to find a beauty bargain and save yourself some pennies. For me as long as a product works I'll love it and if it's a bargain too then I'm all in. So I have 3 barganious products to share with you today. Now Seventeen or 17 as it was formally known was a favourite makeup brand for me along with natural collection back when I first started wearing makeup at the beginning of my teen years. I remember really loving their products and the price of them but I haven't tried anything from them in absolutely ages so I thought it would be really nice to try some things out from the brand again and boy, oh boy I found some real gems.

On the Spot Foundation - Fair - £5.99 here
This is a new release from Seventeen and one that I think is pretty damn clever. This foundation claims to give you 'clearer skin in just 4 weeks' and the reason that it's supposed to do this is because it contains ingredients that contain blemish fighting ingredients, one of them being salicylic acid which is a well known ingredient found in many spot treatments. So this is both a foundation and a treatment in one which is really great if you suffer from a blemish or two. I do get a few spots from time to time so I was really intrigued by this product. I also love that it has SP15 which is good for the day time and claims to be full coverage. Now as a foundation this so far has really impressed me, I love the coverage and it really does help to even out your skin tone, I think this is also quite similar in terms of finish to Rimmel wake me up, it's quite a dewy, natural and fresh finish and has a really nice makeup type smell. I would say it has good stay powering and you can't feel it on the skin but the coverage is great, I enjoy wearing this. I haven't been using this for long enough to see it clear every single blemish up on my face but it does calm the skin and definitely doesn't make the problem any worse, my skin really likes it. I'm going to report back in 4 weeks though and let you know exactly how I feel about this product, so far though I think it's great, it's super cheap and super effective and for people with problematic skin I think you could have found your new holy grail product.

Seventeen Photo Flawless Skin Primer - £4.99 here
This product comes in the tiniest tube known to man (15ml) and I could barely see it when I was browsing the Seventeen stand but for some reason I decided to squirt some on the back of my hand and give it ago. Oh boy, this primer is amazing. If you've read my blog for a while you know I swear by the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro primer but this one is seriously becoming a big competitor. I've heard a few people say that is similar to the Smashbox photo ready primer and to be honest I can see why. I really love this, this makes your skin feel like absolute velvet and also really helps out to minimize pores and give you a really nice base to pop your makeup on with me. This feels so nice on the skin that I would wear it when I wasn't wearing foundation, it's just so silky and works lovely under the on the spot foundation. It's a completely clear consistency and you can squeeze it out of the tube which means great product control. I love the black and gold packaging too.

Seventeen Blusher in First Kiss - £3.49 here
I remember back in the day when I first started wearing makeup I used to wear blushers from Seventeen and Natural Collection but since then I've become much more of bronzer girl but with summer coming I decided to pick up a blusher and the one I picked up was in First Kiss. I think the Seventeen blushers are really pigmented and soft and easy to blend and this colour is gorgeous, it's like a really nice corally pink colour and is perfect for Spring/Summer, it has amazing pigmentation and the packaging too. This is a really nice product and has got me into wearing blush a lot more so I think I might be picking up some more of these at some point.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the range of makeup Seventeen has too offer and I really want to go out and try some more now. The prices are really affordable but the products are a really nice quality and I think you can find some really 'must-have' products in their range!
Thank you for reading,
Lots of Love
Gem xxx


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Everyday Makeup Routinue

Hi Ladies, Hope you're all okay! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, if you follow me on twitter you probably know why and if not then I've just been taking a little break from blogging for a bit. Anyway I thought a really nice post to do would be to show you all what the main products are that I reach for every single day and kind of my everyday makeup routine  I love seeing these kind of posts probably because i'm a huge nosey parker so hopefully you enjoy this too. And I will be back soon properly! I promise.

Now there are two foundations that I think are pretty perfect and they're the ones I use on an everyday basis. Recently (as in the last week or so) I've been favoring my Mac Studio Fix Foundation over my Rimmel Wake Me Up, but normally I'll switch between the two on a daily basis and I slather either of them on with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush. Next I will take my Mac Studio Finish Concealer and use this to cover up any redness on my face or any spots or blemishes that I don't want anyone too see. The next step is to apply Fake Up by Benefit underneath my eye area in a V motion and then blend it upwards under the eye area with my fingers. I like to use my fingers because I feel like it really helps to warm up and blend in the product for a seemless coverage of those pesky dark circles. Next I will set all of my face makeup with my Rimmel Stay Matte face powder and my Real Techniques Powder Brush, I mainly concentrate on sweeping powder over my forehead and my nose and focus the most attention on my oily t-zone. The next step to finish off my face for an everyday look would be to add some bronzer and a contour. I keep two bronzing products in my everyday makeup bag and pretty much switch between the two. The first one is the Chanel Bronze Universal which I normally apply on my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to contour both my cheek bones and my temples and then I would go over with a bit of Nars Laguna Bronzer to both intensify the contour and also just generally bronze the face up. I'm not a massive blush fan so to be honest on an everyday basis I normally skip blush and highlighter and move on to the eyes. My everyday makeup consists of a lot of basic and quick steps which can get me ready as quickly as possible and out of the door.

For the eyes I go really simple and natural during the day, I don't particularly like wearing eye shadow on an every day basis but I do wear it sometimes depending on my mood but for an average day I find it saves time if I skip it. Anyway I firstly line my upper lash line with either the maybelline gel eyeliner which I love or the L'oreal Super Liner. The reason I have two is that I use them for different reasons, I would use the L'oreal one if I want to create a flick or i'll use the maybelline one if I want a more soft and natural liner. I've just realized that I was a complete idiot when I was photographing these products because I forgot to photograph my mascara! Anyway I've inserted a picture now of Benefit's they're real which is my go to mascara, this is the sample size from Elle magazine but I have the full size and love it too. Anyway, I curl my lashes and then apply my Benefit they're real mascara to them so that I end up with really long and volumised lashes. The next step is too fill in my eyebrows, I love filling in my brows because I love how it defines your face but I find it such a hard process, anyway I use the MUA Brow Kit and use the darkest shade to fill in my eyebrows, I use my real techniques angled eyeliner brush for this part.

Lastly I pop on a lipstick because I feel that it just completes the look and leaves my makeup looking finished and polished. I normally switch between two different lipsticks for everyday wear. I will normally just go for my favourite lipstick of all time which is Mac Angel, I find that this is the perfect lipstick to just chuck on in the day and is perfect for school or work or pretty much whatever you're doing during the day. I've recently been wearing nude lipsticks a lot more though and I love this Rimmel Lasting Perfection lipstick in 700 or I go for the Revlon Lip Butter in creme brulee.

Anyway I'm really sorry for the super duper short post but I thought it was best to write something! I'll speak to you all really soon,
Lots of Love,
Gem xxx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

May Wishlist

Hi Ladies, Hope you're all doing okay today I thought I would share with you my May wishlist, with my payday coming at the end of the week there is quite a few things that I'm lusting after and most of them are pretty pricey! So anyway these are the things i'll pick up if by some miracle or another I turn into a millionaire over the next week or so, a girl can always dream aiy?!

Estee Lauder Double Wear
If you've read my blog for a while you will know that I am foundation crazy, like I literally have a problem and should probably go to some sort of foundation rehab. I most definitely buy at least one foundation a month and this month i'm dying to try the famous Estee Lauder Double Wear. After researching this within an inch of my life I've found that you either really love this foundation, to the point that you will never use another foundation ever again or you hate this foundation and would quite happily toss your bottle in the bin. I'm obviously hoping that I love it and end up using it for the next 20 years or so (this is real people!). From what I've heard this gives amazing coverage, so much so you don't need to use concealer and also lasts up to 18 hours!! That's crazy but a lot of people love this so much because once you put it on it doesn't budge until you decide to take it off. Either way I've heard about it for such a long time that I'm dying to try it. So if you've beat me and have already given it ago please leave me your thoughts/review links below so I can have a look. I'm a woman obsessed I tell ya!

Nars Blush
Ever since I bought and loved my Nars Laguna Bronzer I feel like I should leap into the pool of Nars products and pretty much try everything. I've decided to be restrained though and the next thing I'm really lusting over from Nars is a Nars Blusher. Every one of my favourite You Tube Guru's and favourite bloggers all have their favourite so I'm really intrigued and really want one in my life. To be honest I'm not much of a blusher girl but I'm thinking that maybe that's all down to the fact that I haven't found the perfect one yet so I'm so intrigued to try one out. So far I have no idea what shade I want (why do all the Nars blushers have the rudest names in the world by the way?!) so if you have any suggestions or ones you love let me know!

Mac Candy Yum Yum
I think i'm probably the last person on the whole entire planet who doesn't own this yet, all I've heard about these last few months is Candy Yum Yum and I think for Summer with a tan this will be absolutely amazing. If i'm honest I'm scared to death of Candy Yum Yum, it is the brightest and most fuschia pink shade ever and I tend to play it safe with my lip colours but i'm thinking this might be the push I need to brighten up my lips. Anyway although this scares me half to death I really want to try it, I love Mac Lipsticks you can't beat them in my opinion and this product is sooo hyped up I feel like it's my duty as a beauty blogger to give it ago.

Moroccan Oil
I feel like every product I'm mentioning in this wishlist are cult favorites among the beauty world and i'm just a little late to the party and this is another one. I've seen countless bloggers rave about this and class it as 'holy grail' status for their locks and therefore I'm pretty intrigued. I recently saw Zoe from Zoella give this a shout out in her April Favourites and it just made me want it all over again. My hairdresser has actually used this on my hair and I love it but I really haven't been able to justify the price tag, £30.00 just makes me want to cry, although apparently this stuff is meant to nourish your hair like no other.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I love Urban Decay, if you've read my little old blog for a while you'll know that, I used the Naked 2 Palette all the time & also my Vice Palette and I just love the shadows so much. Recently though I've been lusting over the original Naked Palette, again everyone has this but me and I want to be able to create amazing eye shadow looks with it. Every tutorial I watch on You Tube everyone is always using this to create the perfect every day eye or the perfect smokey eye too so I just want to give this ago.

Bourjois Cream Blushes
Now this is one of the things on my wishlist that hasn't been out for ages and in fact I'm not sure they're even out yet but I've seen quite a few press releases on these Bourjois Cream Blushes and I think they look gorgeous. I think cream blushes are perfect for warmer months and are really natural and glowy and from what I've seen in terms of reviews and pictures of these blushers they look gorgeous. If i'm honest I think that high street brands don't really release very many blush type products and if you look at the stands in Boots you will see that the blush selection is seriously lacking so I'm glad Bourjois stepped up their game and I can't wait to try these.

Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks
The pigmentation of these lipsticks is just crazy, I love watching Alli from Makeup By Alli on You Tube and she's one of my favourite American Beauty Guru's, anyway she has been raving about these lipsticks for months and months and she's used a few of them in tutorials and I was just waiting for them to be released in the UK. They've been out for a few months here now and I'm kicking myself for not running and getting them sooner. I did swatch some in Boots actually and I was sooo impressed I was just feeling super duper poor that day and therefore didn't pick them up but they're on my wishlist to grab this month.

Soap and Glory - The Fab Facial Peel Pore Mask
Who would have thought it aiy?! A Soap and Glory product that I don't already own, this is their 'Fab Pore Mask' and I think it will be perfect for cleaning out those pores and really deep cleaning the skin. I've noticed my pores have started too look a little large on my nose and therefore I want a mask to sort it out, as S&G have never really let me down I headed to their website to have a look and set my sights on this one.

Thank you for reading again dolls and please leave me comments below telling me if you've tried any of these products and what you think about them and leave me links to posts too! I'm holding you all responsible if I buy any of this stuff and it's horrific and you haven't let me know ;)
Lots of love
Gem xxxx

April Favourites

Hi lovely ladies, hope you're all okay! Just thought I'd start by saying sorry for the delay in posts but I've been a very busy lady! Anyway, today I thought i'd finally share with you all my April Favourites. It's the 5th of May today, so I've been pretty rubbish and should have probably got this out much sooner but better late than never right? I've had a few things I've been loving this month especially as I can now officially see the start of summer on the way and therefore can crack out the more appropriate makeup.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme - 50ml - £45.00 here
I recently mentioned this product in a recent haul post and I love it. This stuff smells incredible, I actually won it in a competition but I can't get enough of this stuff. This is just the perfect Spring fragrence and I honestly haven't stopped spraying it throughout the whole month of April. I have had so many different compliments whilst wearing this perfume and loads of people keep asking me what i'm wearing, it's one of those scents that is strong enough so you can smell it but isn't too overpowering and it's just a really nice fresh and clean scent. It's sweet but also has hints of floral scents which I love. This bottle is pure heaven and if you see this bad boy around give it a sniff.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - No.1 - £18.50 here
I won't blabber on about this one because I just recently mentioned this in a full review on my blog - here - but I love this and it's been my favourite beauty discovery over the last month. I'm so glad that I purchased this because it's just so refreshing and cooling under my eyes in the morning and also help keep those bags at bay! So overall a massive winner.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Soft Ivory - £33.00 here
At the start of the month I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this bad boy but I've found out the perfect way to apply it and this really is amazing. The rave reviews it gets are for a reason and I'm soooo glad that I picked this up, the coverage is crazy good and I love the finish of this. I'm not going to go into too much detail about this one because I'm planning a review in the near future but it's pretty impressive.

Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer - Light/Matte - £3.49 - here
This is one of the cheapest fake tans on the market coming in at an impressive £3.49 me and my friend picked it up whilst we were in boots and were feeling like we wanted to be a bit sun kissed. To be honest I wasn't expecting a lot from this tanning product but it's actually really impressed me. I personally love fake tans that are instant just because I hate having to wait for them to develop because if i'm honest I hate not knowing how it's going to turn out. But anyway, this has beat the St.Tropez instant tan & the fake bake instant tan I've tried hands down and become a new favourite product for me. I'm thinking of doing a comparison between this instant tan and the 17 one so look out for that but yeah this just leaves me feeling and (hopefully) looking sun-kissed and healthy and I love it. Another win for Rimmel this one.

Soap and Glory - The Daily Smooth Body Butter - £8.50 - here
Another month and another Soap and Glory product is featured in my monthly favorites  my addiction knows no bounds and I've found another product that I love from the brand. This is the Smooth Body Butter and I just really like this, it is really moisturizing and creamy and sinks into my skin really quickly. It smells just like the Soap and Glory Mist you madly mist (here) you can get so I like to apply this after I've had a shower and then mist my self with the matching scent and I feel really clean and relaxed and moisturised so I've been really enjoying that.

Nars Laguna Bronzer -  £26.00 - here
Again I've just done a review of this so I won't ramble for too long but I feel like I want to shout my love for this product from the roof tops or something. It is the perfect summer accessory  you need this in your life for Spring and Summer because it's just going to warm up that complexion and make your skin glow. It is just amazing and deserves every single bit of love it gets from the blogging community in my opinion.

Maxfactor Lipstick in Lilac Wine (665) - £7.99 here

This lipstick has become my absolute go-too for the month of April, it's a really pretty pink but it has a really nice golden sheen to it so it looks lovely with a golden/bronze eye and bronzed up skin. It's just a really nice formula and isn't drying and I just find that it's the perfect colour for my skin tone and helps to warm my complexion up and give my makeup that va-va-voom it needs.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose - £2.25 - here
Mmmmm, this product is gorgeous, I've heard about these in the beauty community a little bit and thought I'd give this one a sniff and the second I did I bought it, this smells like those really nice raspberry yogurts I used to have when I was a kid, but really it just smells like raspberry and it's really sweet and is just super yummy. It's really nice and moisturizing on the lips too, it doesn't transfer a huge amount of colour but it's great for chucking in your handbag.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you all for reading. I hope you have a lovely May & I'll speak to you all really soon.
Lots of Love,
Gem xxx
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