Friday, 28 December 2012

Soap and Glory - Crazy Sexy Kohl Liners

Soap and Glory - Crazy, Sexy Kohl Liners - RRP £19.00 - Sale Price in Boots - £8.00
Hi ladies, before I get on to this little bargain I just wanted to start by saying that I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wished for and more, I certainty did and I look forward too seeing all of your new bits and bobs on your blogs over the next few weeks. I was going to post a Boxing Day haul on my blog today but for some reason blogger wasn't working out for me and would only let me add two photo's to this post so I thought i'd just show you each thing at a time instead. I went for a mooch around the Boxing day sales on Wednesday and if I'm honest I never really find a whole lot that I think is really worth it but Boots were offering 50% of every single one of their Christmas gift sets! Therefore I picked up a fair few and so have loads of bits and bobs to show you all. The first of which was one of the gift sets from Soap and Glory which I love! It's the gift set which contains 5 of S&G's most favourite smoulder eye kohl liners and also 3 of their pan form eyeshadows.
You can actually buy these smoulder eye kohl's separately from the Soap and Glory range, each retailing at £5.00 (here) each so even before the sale to get 5 of their eyeliners (retailing for £25.00) and 3 eyeshadows housed in a really cute tin for £19.00 was a real bargain but being reduced to half price just made it a must buy for me. The colours you get within this set are Superblack, a carbon black eyeliner, Cocoa Bean, a deep brown eyeliner, Aquabat, deep emerald green, Blue my mind, bright jubilee blue and grapevine which is a dark plumy purple. These liners are really good quality and are really soft when you apply them, I've tried them on my waterline and on my top lash line and they work really well on both. These liners are incredibly pigmented and are also the type of liners that are smooth enough that you can blend and smudge them out if you want to create a smokey eye look. The only thing I would say about these liners is the fact that if you apply them on your lower lash line they are likely to smudge and end up just below your lashes due to the fact that they are so soft and are meant to be liners that can smudge out easily, other than that I love them and you can always set the liner with some eye shadow if you need too.
Also within this set you get 3 of their panned eyeshadows, normally you can get 4 of their panned eyeshadows in a quad for £10.00 so I am guessing each pan retails at about £2.00 each. You get 3 colours within this palette that actually really compliment each other, firstly you get Aubersheen, which is a sheeny light brown, dandy plum, which is nearly exactly the same shade as grapevine and lastly you get smokin' which is a dark black with tiny specks of silver shimmer included. From first impressions all of these shadows seem fairly pigmented and you could easily create a smokey night time look with these or a simple look for the day time as well if you left smokin' out of the mix.
All in all I am really impressed with this gift set, it is amazing value for money even before the 50% off, but for 5 eyeliners and 3 eyeshadows of good quality for £8.00 you really can't go wrong at all. Unfortunately this gift set is already sold out on the Boots website. What bargains have you picked up in the sales?


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Updated Makeup Routine

Hi Girls,

For a while I've been in a bit of a rut with my makeup and the products I was wearing on my face from one day to the next. But, at the beginning of last week it was my birthday so I got gifted a few makeup items from my family and boyfriend and I've also spent some money on buying some new beauty products to try out. It's been quite a while since I last showed you guys what products I've been using on my face so I thought I would would do this post and update you on what products I'm loving at the moment and what products have been featuring in my daily makeup routine. I think they're actually is only one product within my current makeup bag that is actually an oldish product, so this should all be new for you all! Also before I get into this I just wanted to apologise for the rubbish photo quality in this post, it was about 3/4 o'clock when I tried to take these photo's and my camera just wasn't picking up any light at all but I thought it would be better to at least add one photo rather than adding none at all.

The first step after moisturising my face in the mornings is using the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer, this is quite a nice primer, it lasts well on the face and leaves my skin feeling fairly smooth. Recently I've completely changed my foundation routine. First of all I start off with my Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NC15 all over the face, I won't say too much because i'm planning on doing a full post on this foundation some time soon but I really like it, it's such a full coverage foundation and I love the finish it leaves on my skin and how it lasts all day. In order to counteract the dark circles I then use my Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ concealer, this is a good concealer to just help add light to the area but I would say the coverage isn’t the best so I just use it to help lighten the darkest circles a bit. Next, I use the Mac Studio Finish concealer in NC15 also and I just spread this on any blemishes and over my dark circles. I then finish off my foundation routine with the Mac Studio Fix powder in C2, this is a good powder because it lasts all day and locks in your foundation really well, and it’s quite full coverage but doesn’t leave you looking cakey so I’ve been really liking this. Next I dust some Bourjois Poudre Bronzante on my cheekbones and all over my face if I wanted too add a bit more colour to my face and then lastly I dust Topshop's crescent moon highlighter over my cheekbones and cupid's bow to add a bit more definition to my face.

Once I’ve done the steps I’ve spoke about above I move on to my eye makeup, during the day I don’t like to wear a lot of eyeshadow, I normally focus on eyeshadow more when I’m going on nights out or when I have slightly longer to do my makeup. During the day I tend too just go for a more natural look on the eye area. Anyway, the products I’ve been using on my eyes lately are all actually L’Oreal, and I absolutely love them all. I curl my eyelashes and then use the L’Oreal telescopic mascara on my lashes, I use this first because it really lengthens my lashes and gives me all the length I need, I then use L’Oreal’s million lashes over the top, the reason for doing another step with my mascara is because this mascara is amazing at giving my lashes a lot of volume where as the telescopic is better at adding extra length to my lashes so together they are a perfect combination. The last thing I do to finish my eye makeup is too use L’Oreal’s super liner, I love every single version of the super liners by L’Oreal, they are perfect and so easy to use and line your eye with and I find this to be really quick and simple during the day time.

The last step in my daily makeup routine is the lips, I firstly use the gorgeous Topshop lipstick in innocence, which is a lovely milky pink colour and super creamy too! And then on top I like to use my Mac crème sheen glass in ‘Going Casual’, I think together this creates a beautiful but natural lip look.

Thanks for reading,
What products feature in your daily makeup routinue?
Lots of love
Gem xxx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mac Guilty Passions: 4 Lavish Rose Lipgloss set review

Hi Dolls,

I’ve got such an exciting post for you all today and loads of pretty pictures to go with it so I’m just gunna jump right into it. But first I owe you all a massive apology, sorry for the huge lack of posts recently. I've just been so busy, it was my 19th birthday last week so I’ve been celebrating that and there's been christmas shopping and work and before that I just lacked any inspiration on what to post about in the first place. But I have loads of bits and bobs to show you over the next few weeks, some which will make perfect Christmas presents for any of you late buyers so there’s lots to look forward too and I hope you can all forgive me. Anyway, today I am going to be introducing you too the new love in my life (okay, slight exaggeration) but I do really love this gift set by Mac. The set I have too show you is the Mac Guilty Passions: 4 Lavish Rose Lipgloss set. I was so interested in this product right from when the Mac Holiday collection was released on the Mac website in late october? I think the Glamour Daze and Guilty Passions collection are sooo lovely, all of the set's and product's have the most gorgeous packaging so will make perfect gifts but a lot of them are quite expensive (typical mac!) and as much as I would love to own them all I do have some sense so this is the one I picked out for my birthday last Monday.

Anyway my boyfriend bought this gorgeous present for me for my birthday after a lot of hinting on my part. I was so lucky and had such an amazing day and my mum actually got me a kindle wild fire which I’ve been loving and using to catch up on all my fav blogs. I also got loads of makeup and clothes to show you all. My boyfriend actually brought me lots of different makeup from Mac for my birthday and one of the things he got me was this lovely lipgloss set the set he got me was the Lavish Rose Lipgloss set and i’m absolutely loving every single one of these lipglosses so I thought I’d share them with you all. This is such a lovely present and is perfect for anybody who loves lipglosses or loves mac or a beginner who just wants to try some Mac makeup. 
 The lipgloss set contains four mini ‘Guilty Passions’ lipglosses homed in one of the most gorgeous boxes ever. Considering each individual one of Mac's lipglasses cost £17.00 for 2.7g of product and three of the lipglasses in this set are 1.9g and the other one is actually 2.6g of product for £25.50 you are actually getting a really good deal.
 One thing that makes this is an actual really nice gift is the giftbox it comes in. It’s pink so perfect for any girly girls and it’s made out of really strong cardboard that means you can easily reuse it to hold something else. Also it has the lovely detailing of a black plastic bow embellished on the top which makes it all the more fancy. There were actually three different lipgloss sets available in this collection but I think the other two have sold out so the one I’m showing you today is actually the only one you can still get. The reason I chose this lipgloss set over the others was because this one has the most diverse colours. I love pinks and this set comes with a nudey peach colour, a baby pink colour, a bright purple glitter colour and a really nice berry colour. I thought this would be perfect for me to experiment with different colours because these were actually my first ever mac lipglosses (I know, Shocker!) so I wanted some I could wear for everyday and some I could use for nights out as well.



Within this set you actually get two crèmesheen glasses, a dazzleglass crème and a normal dazzleglass and I think that every single one of the shades that you get within the set is just absolutely beautiful and they are all so creamy and soft and lovely to wear. Also they smell gorgeous, they smell just like vanilla and I love applying them. I find that they wear for a fairly long time as well and just really  make your lips look gorgeous. I would actually now purchase some full size lipgloss sets from Mac after trying these because they are seriously the best lipgloss formulation I’ve ever tried and this is just such a cute set and a perfect gift and they smell beautiful and look lovely so I’m really enjoying them so far.

 The four colours that you get within this set are Demure (Dazzleglass, Crème) I would say that this shade is a milky pinky – peach colour with a lovely blue sparkle running through it. It looks fairly sheer on the lips just because it’s such a light colour but it’s definitely buildable and would look lovely over a pink or peachy type lipstick.

 The second lipgloss that was in this kit is Going Casual (Cremesheen Glass) this is actually my favourite of the lipglasses within this set due to the fact it is just so wearable and looks lovely no matter what makeup look you’re going for. Going Casual is a baby pink (also described as ‘cotton candy’) and is has quite a blue/purple undertone running through it. I would say it’s without any shimmer but does have a lovely sheen to it. You can build it up to be very strong on your lips as well and it lasts pretty well on the lips too.

 The third lipstick within the set is Boys go Crazy (Dazzleglass) this is the most fun lipgloss within the set and it’s so different and unique to any lipgloss I’ve ever seen before. It is loaded with purple, blue and silver shimmer and is just gorgeous. I think it would probably look better over a lipstick rather than on it’s on because you’d have to build it up quite a lot to get an even covering but I do really love this lipglass and think it would be perfect for festive parties.

 Lastly the final lipstick is Colour Saturation (Cremesheen Glass) this is a really strong berry colour, it’s a mix between a dark pink, a red and a purple and it looks really lovely on the lips because it’s pretty opaque and really makes your lips stand out. I think this is the perfect colour for autumn to winter time and adds a lovely pop of colour to your face.

You can buy these lipglosses here for £25.50 which I think is an excellent deal!

Thank you all for reading.
Have you bought anything from the Mac Holiday Collection?
Lots of Love
Gem xxx


Monday, 19 November 2012

Bargain Haul - Savers

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're all doing well, i've been shopping again, eeek i'm so addicted but I went to town today and my aim was too do a bit of christmas shopping and I did do that but then I ended up in savers and managed to buy a fair few items. I've never been in savers before really, which is probably why I got so excited over the shop and how blooming cheap it's prices are and picked up as much stuff as I did. I'm one of those people who can't resist a bargain, especially if I know that boots or super drug would offer these beauty goodies at substantially more. Anyway let's get on to the haul, I ramble way too much for my own good. You can see below everything I brought from savers, and I really did save an awful lot of money (excuse the rubbish pun!) I picked up two things from the 'Beauty Parlour', four things from Rimmel, 6 packs of face wipes, Kleenex facial cloths and some fake nails.

Beauty Parlour

The first thing I picked up was these two products from the Beauty Parlour, I don't really think i've ever tried anything from this brand but they instantly caught my eye because they have very cute packaging, i'm not sure if they're kind of a cheaper version of Soap and Glory? Anyway the packaging was lovely and the products were lovely and sounded really interesting so I thought i'd pick those up and give them ago. The first product I got was the T-zone oil control mattifying moisturiser, this I think is basically a long winded way of saying it's a primer for the t-zone which is meant to keep it matte throughout the day. I think this product was £1.99 and you get 100ml of product so I thought I would give it ago and see if it works. I love the Rimmel Primer that I repurchased in this haul but if I run out or for oilier days I can see this being quite a good alternative. I haven't tried it so I can't tell you if it's any good or not but I used it on my hand and it felt like a fairly good consistency. The second product I purchased was a basic face scrub, I am loving anything skincare related at the moment so I decided to pick this up to help me exfoliate my skin especially as the weather gets colder and I need to try and deal with dry area's creeping up on my face, this was £1.50 so another massive bargain! I'm hoping these products will be really good, i'll report back after using them for a bit and we'll see!


The next set of products I purchased were four Rimmel Products that I absolutely love, I was going to pick all of these products up at Boots anyway but they're half the price in Savers for some reason. Making the foundation, primer, powder and concealer all under a fiver! Massive bargain. I won't go on about these products too much, I have already done a review of the Rimmel Wake me up foundation and the Rimmel Fix Pro Primer which is one of my favourite products ever - here. I think Rimmel have become my favourite drugstore brand of makeup, their products are amazing and the four products that I brought are my four essentials to get a flawless face. I love love love them and the price that they are in savers makes these products even better. (Let me know in the comment box if you would like to see some more information about the powder and concealer by the way, because I don't mind doing that for you guys at all!)

Face Wipes

The next set of products I brought from Savers was 6 packs of 30 face wipes, they cost me £2.00 for all of them and are going to last me for bloody ages. I always keep a pack of face wipes for lazy days or for removing makeup if it all goes wrong and I was sick of paying 3 or 4 pound from my local supermarket so thought these would be good. 

Fake Nails

The next thing I brought were these fake nails, i'm not sure how i'm feeling about them at the moment, they were £1.00 so I can't really complain and I only really brought them so that I could start doing more nail varnish swatches for my blog, so we'll see!

Palmers Cocoa Butter

Next I brought 2 mini Palmers Cocoa Butter bottles, oh my god, I think this product deserves a full review on my blog at some point. It is my favourite moisturiser in the whole entire world, it smells amazing, leaves your skin feeling like nothing else and is just a really bloomin' good product. I already have a full-size of this product but thought i'd get some mini's so that they'd be the perfect size for my handbag and on the go. I can't explain how amazing this is or how lush it smells!

Kleenex Facial Cloths

The last thing I brought were these Kleenex Facial Cloths, the reason I brought these were completely random, I was going to buy some more of the cheap cloths because I use these to apply my toner to my face before bed and these were only £1.00 for like 50 so I thought I may as well pick these ones up instead and see how they were. In actual fact, although it sounds silly I really love these, I find them so much nicer than the cheap cloths I normally use on my face and these absorb less product meaning i'm not wasting my toner so much, they distribute the product more evenly on my skin as well and they are so much softer and less 'scratchy' so although you get less for the same price I would be more than happy to buy these again! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my bargain haul!
Found any bargains lately?
Lots of love 
Gem xxx


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MUA lipsticks

Hi Dolls,

Today's post is all about some of the MUA lipsticks, a lot of you may know that i've really been rating MUA over the last few months. MUA or Make Up Academy as it is also known offers such great products for hardly any money. The 3 lipsticks that I picked up from Super drug were only £1.00 each which is ridiculous value and i'm a massive fan of them all. The reason I like these lipsticks so much are because they're incredibly creamy and I feel like they're really moisturising on my lips, I am a fan of lipsticks like this simply because in the winter months I want to wear lip products that have that extra moisturiser in them. They go on really easy to my lips and are really easy to work with but perhaps the best thing about them is how extremely pigmented they are, as with all lipsticks you can get a very sheer coverage with these lipsticks if you only use a tiny amount of products but with 2 whole swipes of this product you will get an amazing and opaque coverage on your lips which is really good. I wouldn't say these were the best lipsticks i've ever tried in my life, but in all honesty they have one of the best formula's i've ever tried. I think another great thing about these lipsticks is the fact that they have quite a huge colour range, this is good for me because in the past I would stick to just buying baby pink lip colours but because these lipsticks are so cheap, I mean £1.00 that is ridiculously cheap! I feel like I can go and pick up a more 'out there' shade and try it out, if i don't like it then I know not to go and buy a shade equivalent from a more expensive brand like Mac. But these are honestly the best lipsticks I think you can find to wear everyday. They have a slight smell to them but to be honest I don't think it's overpowering and I couldn't really tell you exactly what they smell like, kind of vanilla like I would say. Also they are the perfect size to just pop in your handbag because they're really quite compact and seeming as they were only a pound the packaging of these lip products is fairly good as well. Another thing I would say about MUA lipsticks is the fact that they aren't completely matte, they come out nearly opaque in terms of colour pay off but they seem to have a slight sheen to them, nothing too over the top but just enough that you don't need to wear lipgloss with these products. Lasting time is fairly good though a fair few hours before needing to reapply them which is good for a product of this price point. I picked up 3 shades this time that I went to the Make up Academy counter firstly I got shade 7, shade 13 and shade 3.

The first one I picked up was Shade 7, this comes out of the tube much stronger and on the lips it seems to be a light coral colour, it comes out on the lips with much stronger orange undertones which I really like. This would be the absolute perfect colour for summer, it is such a strong colour and has a slight sheen to it but I would say it is the most matte of the shades I tried.

The next shade I picked up was Shade 13, this is a bright bright bright red, it is creamy and probably one of the more sheer colours out of the lipsticks I brought, I would say that this is a more wearable red because it doesn't come out completely matte and again has the sheen that I was talking about. 

The last colour I picked up was Shade 3, I am absolutely obsessed with this lipstick, I really really love it. This is a gorgeous bright pink colour, it's quite in your face, it reminds me of Mac's girl about town lipstick it's very out there but it works perfectly for my skin tone and makes my whole face pop. It's one of those colours you can wear and you will look instantly more put together It again has a slight sheen to it but not lots of sheen, it doesn't have any glitter or anything in it. And i've pretty much been wearing this lipstick every single day since I got it. I LOVE it. 

(Shade 7, Shade 13, Shade 3)

 (Me wearing Shade 3 lipstick, swatches of shade 7 and shade 3 lipsticks)

Hope you enjoyed this post
Have you checked out any MUA lipsticks?
Lots of love
Gem xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Small Primark Haul

Hi Ladies,

Today I have a haul for you from shopping I did at the end of last week, I visited Primark 
and got a few goodies that I thought I could show you. I know haul's are one of my favourite things to read on blogs, I love seeing what other people brought when they went shopping and I especially like hauls that include Primark, I think it's because they don't have a website so unless you see what other people have brought you go to the shop without having any idea what you're going to buy and that can be very dangerous for us beauty and fashion bloggers. Anyway, I had some money left at the end of last month and since I got paid on friday I thought it was the perfect excuse to splurge. I figured Christmas was coming and I would have to start buying countless amounts of presents so this was the last time I could really treat myself before the festive period. I could have spent a lot of money in Primark, because when i'm in there I kind of get into the mindset that everything's so cheap and such a bargain I might as well get one (I have no self control when it comes to a bargain) but actually I was quite well restrained. All I picked up was a shirt, a bag and some earrings

Firstly I picked up this really nice shirt, this shirt cost around £8-£10, I'm not quite sure of the pricing but it was somewhere around there. I love it because it's a little different. I've been seeing a lot of black and white striped shirts but I loved the fact that this one was navy and white stripes and therefore it was a bit different to the shirt that everyones been wearing. This shirt is super sheer so you have to wear a top underneath it but it's actually really nice. Another thing I loved about it was the gold detailing, the shirt has gold buttons, and then on the shoulders has some gold buttons on a little cuff which I think makes the shirt look much more expensive than it actually was.

The next thing I picked up was this gorgeous navy bag, I love this bag, it's kind of a cross between a clutch bag and a small shoulder bag, it's too big to be a clutch bag and too small to be a shoulder bag but I think it's perfect for nights out because it's not too big that you're having to carry a big bulky bag around with you but it still has enough room that you can fit what you need in. It also comes with a strap that you can take off or leave on, I think this makes it much more versatile. The thing I loved about this bag the most was how simple it was and I really love the gold bow on the front of the bag because I think that gives the bag a bit of a statement but it's still simple enough that it will go with a lot of different outfits. This bag was also £8.00 so was a massive bargain! Actually they have lots of nice bags and clutches in Primark at the moment and nearly all of them look more expensive than they actually are. 

The third thing I picked up was some earrings, I liked these earrings because they're big, and I love to make statements with my earrings, they also have glitter and are quite blingy so I just like them really. I thought that they would go perfect with the shirt and the bag as well, so I was really liking that.

Hope you liked my mini haul!
Lots of love
Gem xxx


October Fav's

Hi Guys,

Hope you're all okay, today I'm going to be showing you some of my favourite products from October, I can't believe we're in November!! Christmas and New Year will be here before we know it. Anyway i'm going to get into showing you my personal favourites this month, I feel like I experimented quite a bit this month with quite a few new products so it's been a lot easier to pick some of my favourites this time around.

The first thing which I have been loving this month is the Sleek I-divine palette which I have already done a review on here I brought this palette because I thought all of the shades would work really nicely throughout the autumn months and it had a nice selection of neutrals as well as a few colours. In all honestly theres only a few shades that I actually really like, I like the shade 'James Brown' which is second in from the left, the shade next to it which is called Shalamar and then the burgundy red colour which is underneath James Brown and that ones actually called Ojays. The rest of the palette has been quite neglected by me because I love using the 3 colours i've just talked about blended on top of my maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze because I think that helps the colours to really stand out and gives me a lovely neutral eye for the day but also allows me to create quite a smokey eye for the nighttime. 

The second thing i've been loving this month is the Autograph primer which you can buy from the Marks and Spencers beauty counter/area. I recently ran out of my beloved Rimmel Pro Primer (that was a seriously sad day) and i've been using this primer instead and it's actually fairly good, I love how it has radiance particles in it which helps to make my dull autumn skin look a little brighter and gives me a really nice glow whilst also keeping my foundation in place.

The next thing i've been lovely lately is the MUA lipstick in shade 3, oh my gosh, this lipstick is seriously gorgeous, I never really used to be overly fussed on lipsticks, I would buy some and wear a few but this lipstick has been constantly on my lips everyday since I brought it about 2 weeks ago, it is amazingly pigmented, the colour is gorgeous and just wakes up the whole face and it just really compliments my skin type. I really really reaaaaallly adore this product and it was only £1.00?! what's not to love?!

The next product i've been loving this month is the maybelline colour tattoo is on and on bronze, as I have already said i've been wearing it with the sleek palette and it is a perfect base and honestly keeps my eyeshadow on all day long, I have honestly not ever seen a product with the lasting power that this product does, it's actually quite hard to get it off! I have reviewed this product here if you would like to know a little more about it. 

Another product i've recently rediscovered and it has reunited our love affair all over again is the L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss, this is simply a liquid eyeliner but it is by far the easiest eye liner ever to use, it stays on all day and it actually does give a 'carbon gloss' finish. This is a favourite of loads and loads of beauty bloggers so i'll spare you the boring details but I really think this is the best liquid eyeliner you can get on the high street and it will last you forever and make it easy to get a really precise line. 

Another bargain product i've been loving this month is this bronzer by MUA, by the way I just want to say that I think MUA is such a good brand for the money, their products are so cheap but yet they are all of a really good quality, which is great because I think it's actually quite hard to find a brand like that these days. Anyway, this bronzer is perfect, it is great for contouring your cheek bones or just giving the whole face a bronzed glow, it's a massive beast of a bronzer and I think you get like 10g of product for £3.00?! Which is a fab deal, this bronzer has a tad bit of golden shimmer running through it as well but it's nothing major or noticeable at all and i've really been liking using this on my face recently.

The next product i've been loving I've recently spoke about in my favourite products by soap and glory haul - here this is the 'Clean on me' shower gel, and it's gorgeous, it smells nice, is soooo creamy and just makes your skin feel so soft and clean, it's such a nice shower gel and I could invest in it again and again.

Finally, the last product i've been loving this month is the Neutrogena Face Scrub in pink grapefruit, this again smells really lovely and really helps to refresh your skin on these cold and dull autumn mornings, it has small pink beads in it that just help to liven up your skin and it's super easy to use, you simply spread some of the product over your face and then wash it off with some warm water. I think this really helps to clean out my pores as well.

Anyway, I hope you liked reading my monthly favourites, 
What were you loving during october?
Lots of Love
Gem xxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blogging Milestone - 100 Followers

Hi everyone,

Today's post is going to be very sentimental and I know that to a lot of you you'll be like 'alright, calm down love' but I reached 100 followers last night and was literally so happy. I know to a lot of people this will sound so silly and pathetic but it's my first blogging milestone. Around 3?! (god, how time flies) months ago I took the plunge and did something that i'd wanted to do for a really long time and created this blog. And I am literally so glad I did, before my blog I didn't have a hobby and I was constantly complaining that I was talentless and bored and this has therefore given me something that has actually really inspired me. I love waking up every day and checking if I have a new follower or a new blog comment and there is something inside me that makes me grin with pride when I see somebody say something nice about my blog. 
To some people 100 followers is nothing, and to be completely honest seeming as their is like over 7 billion of us in the world it's hardly an amazing achievement but to me it means an awful lot so thank you to every single one of you who decided to take the time to comment on my blog or follow me, you really have made me smile.

When I first set up this blog I honestly didn't think one person would be interested in what little old me had to say or my opinion so it's amazing to see that a fair few of you do care and do enjoy reading my ramblings. It took me a huge amount of courage to open this space on the web, I love it because it's my own personal area on something so big as the internet and it gives me somewhere to creatively express my self but it's actually quite scary too. So really this post is just a massive thank you too you all, I will try and host a giveaway soon as well, to show you just how grateful I really am. But for now, thank you for supporting me and I hope this is just step one on the journey of this blog and hopefully it will continue to grow and be supported.
Seriously thank you
Lots of Love to you all
Gem xxx

P.S - I promise tomorrow i'll be back to my old, un-soppy self actually i've got a haul for you, so don't worry, i'm not just loosing the plot! x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My fav Soap and Glory products

Hi Dolls, 

Today's post is going to be all about some of the Soap and Glory products, some of you who may have read my blog for a while or in the past may have seen that I have a slight obsession with anything from Soap and Glory, they're one of my favourite brands because everything they create smells amazing, is great for your skin and just leaves me feeling lovely. I have recently began trying out some of their makeup range as well and I love that just as much. Therefore I thought i'd show you guys four things from Soap and Glory that I absolutely love and would recommend to anyone of you. The four things I want to share with you are Hand Food, Face Soap, Clean on me and their famous Righteous Butter. 

The Righteous Butter


The first Soap and Glory product which I would definitely recommend due to the fact it's one of my all time favourites and one of the products that I think I would repurchase a good few times is the Righteous butter. On the packaging Soap and Glory claims that it is a body moisturising formula so smooth you might just feel like you're wearing velvet. And I could actually agree with that, this leaves my skin so so so soft, most moisturisers leave your skin fairly soft but this is the moisturiser that I think really actually does work and leaves my skin softer than when i've used anything else. It is quite a thick consistency but glides on to the skin and works in fairly effortlessly as well. I love the fact that this product has lasted me such a long time, it's 300ml which means you get absolutely loads of product and  you hardly need any to get your skin feeling hydrated. This product also smells really nice, which is typical of any Soap and Glory product and also has such cute packaging that stands out. I think all of the Soap and Glory packaging is gorgeous though. Probably the thing about this product that I love the most is how multi-functional it is, you can literally use this moisturiser everywhere. I use this daily in the mornings before I apply makeup and also after I have taken my makeup off at night time. I also use it on my arms and legs and literally all over my body and it has the same affect absolutely everywhere. It really is a miracle worker and I am so glad that I own it. I've had this sam tub since Christmas and since I use it every single day without failure I think it really has lasted well and therefore is worth the price tag of £10.50. Best of all I'm not the only one who loves this body butter, in actual fact it has won several awards including the 'Woman In Home - Best of Beauty Award in 2012'. Probably THE best product you could own from Soap and Glory. 

Face and Soap Clarity

Another Soap and Glory product that has made it's way into my daily routine would be this Face Soap Clarity 3 in 1 Daily - Detox Wash with Vitamin C. Now this product is simply a face wash that you can use every single day on your face, I normally use this at night time to refresh my face before I go to bed. Soap and Glory says "A high-tech, gentle non-drying foaming facial wash, formulated with complexion-friendly, easy-rinse surfactants and special SUPERFRUIT™ PLUM skin brightening complex" I would again agree with what they have said, apart from where it says non - drying, I do find that if I use this product too much I sometimes get a few dry patches on my skin, nothing major and it can easily be combatted with an extra bit of moisturiser. The thing I do love about this face wash is the skin brightening, it has small pink beads in and therefore when I wash my face it really cleans out my skin, I feel like it has really cleaned out all of my pores and left my face feeling really refreshed. I love how my skin does look brightened and squeaky clean and I also love how cooling this product is and also the smell. Again this product lasts fairly well, this is my second bottle but I feel like you only need a tiny amount due to the fact it foams a bit so I hardly have to use any product therefore again the £7.00 price tag is really justified and this isn't bad for a quality face wash. Really do love this product.

Clean On Me Shower Cream


My third favourite product from Soap and Glory would be it's Clean on Me Shower Gel, I absolutely adore this product, this and the Bubble Bath they do are absolutely amazing and so great for your skin. What I like about this shower cream is the fact that normally when i'm in the shower I opt for shower gels and they have a completely different formula, they are almost slippery but this product is completely different, it is a cream with a built in body lotion and therefore it glides effortlessly down the skin, it really cleans your skin and also leaves your skin feeling so soft. I feel like this cream lets me feel relaxed, it again smells heavenly and is very good for your skin. This is a 'treat' product for me though, it retails for £5.50 which isn't that bad for a shower gel at all, I always thought it cost a lot more, but this is seriously the most heavenly product for your showers ever. Soap and Glory actually says "Soft, smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it. Contains natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance" I would again agree with everything that S&G says, especially the fact you get smooth, soft and sexy skin. Again this product has won an award in 2011 from Company Magazine for being one of their beauty faves, so again i'm not the only one who thinks a lot of this gorgeous product.

Hand Food

Last but not least another product that I enjoy a lot from soap and glory would be their "Hand Food' rated 5/5 on Boots and being super moisturising for dry hands within the colder months it is an instant hit for me. It's nothing special or anything extraordinary but it simply does the job quickly and effectively, it smells nice, it doesn't leave your hands feeling really greasy for a long time and it retails for £5.00 and comes in the perfect size for you to just chuck in your hand bag if you're going to be out and about. It's simply one of those products you take for granted until you run out and notice how different your hands actually feel. Soap and Glory actually say Soap & Glory Hand Food™ Hand Cream 125ml is a super-silky gorgeously-scented non-greasy hydrating hand cream featuring fennel and lotus flower extracts, which leaves your hands super smooth." And again I completely agree with this description. 

Hope this has helped you and you've enjoyed reading my Soap and Glory picks
What are your fav products from S&G?
Lots of Love
Gem xxx
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