Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I'm lusting after...

I'm lusting after..

Urban Decay makeup, $55 / NARS Cosmetics bronzing powder / Maybelline tattoo eye shadow / Rimmel mascara / Revlon beauty product

Hi Everyone!

Still getting used to this blogging business but today I’ve decided to use www.polyvore.com (What a cool website by the way!) to create a collage of a few of the beauty products that I’m particularly lusting over at the moment. I think because I’ve got no money I seem to want much more than usual, but hey ho I’m a girl and that's normally the way it goes. So yeah, on to all of the products that I NEEEEEEEED in my life haha, this is the problem of being a beauty freak.

1)      Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Pallet RRP - £35.00
The first thing that I am eyeing up at the moment is this Urban Decay Smoked Pallet, I absolutely love Urban Decay and all of the cool pallets that they bring out, they’re all really unique and all of their eyeshadow pallets are something special, with different unique shades that all match perfectly together and packaging that is definitely to die for! I’m not actually sure when this particular pallet came out but I think it was either the start of this month or the end of last due to the fact that I haven’t actually heard too much about it, which is weird due to the fact that Urban Decay pallets normally come surrounded with a huge amount of hype. The thing I like about this pallet is the fact that I really do like the smoked eyeshadow look (think Kim Kardashian!) and therefore it was immediately something that attracted me, this particular pallet comes with 10 shades, with 5 completely new shades being introduced. The shades vary from matte to glittery, so there is a good selection, plus the pallet comes with a 24/7 glide on urban decay eyeliner and a mini primer potion. AHH it’s just so beautiful, I am definitely going to be saving up for this! You can buy this eyeshadow pallet here:

2)      Revlon Colour Stay Whipped Crème Foundation
I’ve read a few reviews on this foundation from US beauty blogs and it looks like such a good foundation that I actually really want to try it, but it’s not actually been released in the UK yet, how annoying! This foundation is between a cream and gel formula which is probably what intrigued me to it the most. It has been released in the US with 16 shades and due to the fact that it’s part of the colour stay line it claims to last 24 hours. But yeah, I’m very excited for it’s UK release due to the fact that it seems to be a completely different foundation to a lot of the others on the market, and normally Revlon as a brand are just a massive hit for me. The foundation retails for around $13.99 in the US so I’m guessing it will be around the £10.00 mark when it is finally released here, I’ve been looking on the internet but can’t find the exact date for its release just yet, but I’ll try and keep you updated.

3)  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – RRP £7.99
Another Revlon product making my most wanted products! Eeek told you I loved them, I’ve been intrigued to try this product due to the fact that I’d previously been looking at the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but couldn’t really justify spending so much money on something that I didn’t even know if I’d like. This is why it was so exciting when I finally saw a high store brand release a drug store alternative of the chubby stick, and yay it was Revlon which means the quality is kind of assured. The shades that I would like to try would be lovesick and darling and because the price is good I    could actually get 2 of the Revlon ones for the same price as the Clinique £16 chubby stick! You can buy these stains at Superdrug here, and actually they’re now £5.99, even better.

4)   Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara RRP £6.99
Always looking out for my holy grail mascara and still on the hunt for what seems like years, I simply want to try out the Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara for no other reason then a lot of people say it’s a good mascara and for the price you can’t really go wrong. Plus the big brush looks perfect for both lengthening and volumising my lashes, nothing else to say about this really. Just something I’d like to give a go, especially as it is meant to be a really dark black mascara. Again you can buy this from Superdrug on the link below:

5)      NARS Laguna Bronzer – RRP: £25.00
The NARS Laguna bronzer is probably the product I have been lusting over for the longest time, it is one of those things that everybody in the beauty world continues to talk about and hype up and therefore I would simply just love to try it. Nars as a company is so well respected and their blushes and bronzers are said to be some of the best in the world and therefore I am jealous of everyone who owns them. Laguna is said to be the bronzer that Kim Kardashian (my absolute makeup icon) uses herself and it just seems to be the perfect bronzer to contour your face as well as to just bronze your whole face and give you that sun kissed glow that we’re all looking for. One thing that I love about Laguna after staring at it on Google images for what seems like hours haha is the fact that it has such a sleek packaging and it just seems like such a professional product. The only thing that puts me off snapping up this product immediately is the price tag, £25.00 for a bronzer just seems like such a steep price for me, but one day soon I’m hoping I’ll be brave enough to take the plunge, because everyone who seems to have previously all say that they would never go back. A must have product it seems. You can purchase this bronzer on the below link from NARS directly:

6) Maybelline Colour Tattoo's - RRP £4.99

Another product that I have considered buying for a really long time and for some reason never actually have. But I can guarantee every single time I go into boots I am always looking at them. I think that these colour tattoos would make an excellent base for eyeshadow to stop creasing and fall out. I know this due to the fact that the several times that I’ve swatched them they seem to have amazing lasting power so therefore I hope that they would last for longer than ever. All of the colours within the collection all seem to be super pigmented and there’s quite a large selection of colours too choose from, ranging from neutrals like browns and creams to bright colours such as purple and blue. Plus they’re actually quite cheap and have said to be of a similar consistency to the Mac paint pots. Again you can purchase these on the link below, 3 for 2 offer on at the moment too:
Anyway Thank you for reading again!
Lots of Love
Gem xxx



  1. These all look great, really want to try the nars bronzer.

    Great blog btw, Im now following you!


  2. aww thank you, me too! one day soon i'll get round to it haha! thank you :) will follow you back now xxx

  3. I have the scandal eyes mascara & it is soooo good! Definitely worth the purchase! I've reviewed it on my blog :) x


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