Monday, 20 August 2012

The Girl Stash

Hey Girls!

Right today is simply a post that can only be fully understood by the sista's of the world, us ladies and woman, who in my humble opinion go through both the lowest and highest points in our lives. The idea for this post came last week whilst I was sitting in the bath (where I do my best thinking haha). Anyway, over the last few weeks I’ve been through quite a lot and to be honest it took it’s toll on a normally positive and smiley kind of girl. I’m currently free for the summer after just finishing my a-levels, and summer was bringing boredom and a huge amount of laziness (if only there was a summer so I would want to actually leave my house) until the start of August where everything went down hill. On the 8th of August I had to go into hospital and have an operation to remove some endometriosis, it was horrible and the only positive thing to come out of the whole experience was the fact that after 2 years of pain and thinking I was stark crazy, I finally found out what the problem had been. Que, the hating of being a woman! Anyway, I went into hospital at 7am and didn’t return home till about 8 that night after I had turned blue and the anaesthetic had a positively negative impact on me. The next few days were full of resting, as I felt like the whole of my body had been really badly beat up. I did receive lots of visits from friends and family though, and so many flowers that my room looked like a florists. After resting up for a few days I then had the dooming realisation that it was only 2 days away from A-level exam results day, the panic started to set in, I knew I hadn’t performed my best., my attendance had been crap because I’d been so ill and I began to feel really down in the dumps, I’d eaten my weight in maltesers and anything covered in chocolate and now I felt more rubbish than ever before. The night before my exam results were to come in I was a nervous wreck, I was disappointed at my self and had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. That’s when I decided the only thing that could make me feel better, the Girls Stash. I think every single true girly girl has a plan for days that are this bad, I personally, have a bag. A bag full of goodies that could make any girls day better. So that was it, I took my bag and ran myself one hell of a bath, I had candles, bubbles and magazines galore and it instantly put a massive smile on my face. What was in my bag you ask? A huge amount of beauty products, in this bag I have everything, I have tweezers, eyelash curlers, moisturisers, scrubs, fake tan, body lotions, body butters, lip moisturisers, veet, sudocrem, endless samples, fake nails, fake eyelashes.  This bag is my beauty bag and it has everything I need in order to cheer myself up. I got out of my bath after about an hour, and pampered myself until I finally had a smile on my face. And then I headed to my room, now what does a girl do when she’s feeling rubbish and needs something to cheer her up?! Movies, bed and chocolate. I pulled on my onesie, grabbed my Ugly Betty box set and some minstrels and finally found peace in my crazy head.
So ladies, no matter how bad your life gets, and no matter how down in the dumps you feel, you can make yourself feel better, every girl has it, that stash of products or just simply chocolate that you know will put that smile back on your face. And hey! If all else fails grab your copy of Bridget Jones and your 2 favourite men (Ben and Jerry of course) and cuddle up.
What’s your beauty stash;
Thanks for reading
Lots of love
And keep up being fantastic girls, mwah
Gem xxxx
P.S - Exam results were ace in the end, so I'm in full on celebration mode at the moment!
(Operation, Ugly Betty + Minstrels = Perfect Night)

(Flowers and Cards)
(Bag of Goodies)



  1. Aww hope your feeling better now and congrats on your exam results! When I'm not feeling too good I love to relax in the bath and burn some Jo Malone/NEOM candles, always makes me feel a bit better.

    Btw I love Ugly Betty, I seriously cried when it ended!

  2. thank you! :) i feel a lot better now and the exam results were a well needed shock! haha awww i do love candles, I think every girl does :) oh my god, me too, i loved that show, always made me smile. Thank you for all your lovely comments xx

  3. oh bless you! I really hope that you are feeling all better now and can enjoy the rest of the summer, all the stuff in your girl stash looks gorgeous though :) xxx

    1. Awww thank you hun, am actually feeling much better now thank god! Ah thank you, didn't know if anyone would be interested in it but hey ho, every girl must have one! Xxx

  4. Aww i hate days like these :( there never good :( but it's a perfect excuse to eat lots & lots of chocolate :D & thank you for following me on my blog :D


    1. Haha I hate those day too! Yeah, any excuse to pig out haha, no problem, it's lovely :) xxx

  5. Wow, you have such an AMAZING blog, I am definitely following! <3 Hope you can take a look at my blog and facebook page and follow me as well? <3

    Cindy C.

    1. Awww thank you hun! yeah of course I'll check yours out ASAP! :) xxxx

  6. Lovely blog! I followed, follow back?

    1. Thank you :) yeah I'll follow you back as soon as I go on the laptop! Thanks hun xxx

  7. This is such a good idea!! Defs need one of these at uni. Sounds like you had a nightmare with everything that happened so close to exams, hope it all turned out ok


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