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A perfect combination - Rimmel Wake Me Up + Rimmel Fix and Perfect

Hi ladies!

It ain’t half chilly today, i braved the cold earlier and it was so rainy and horrible and now I’m sat cosied up by the fire blogging, what a lush way to spend a Monday night aiy!

Anyway today’s review is going to be about two Rimmel Products that I have been using for the past few weeks, when I recently picked up the Real Techniques Powder Brush I also picked up the Rimmel “Wake me up foundation” which I’ve used previously and also the “Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer”. The reason for these purchases is because there was up to £3.00 off at boots on some of their Rimmel Products and after falling in love with the Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation previously I thought it was time to pick it up again, especially as it was on offer. I also wanted a new base as a lot of the primers I’ve tried lately haven’t really been working for me and I like to change things up as the colder seasons approach because my combination skin often changes a lot around this time.

Rimmel Wake Me Up
I know that the Rimmel Wake me up foundation has been really hyped up in the blogging world, this is actually where I first heard about it when it was first released and I think I purchased it within a month of it first being released. Unfortunately though I purchased the wrong shade and therefore as much as I loved the consistency I just looked like a massive ompa lumpa wearing it and that’s definitely not a look I go for. Then one day I managed to drop the glass bottle on to the tiled floor in my bathroom and watched horrified as it smashed into 1000 pieces so that was the death of my first bottle of Wake me up. Ever since I knew it was a foundation I wanted to try again so when I saw it was on offer and they had my shade in boots I knew that I was on to a complete winner. Rimmel Wake me up foundation is favoured by so many because it’s such a beautiful foundation, it’s thick and creamy but it glides on to the skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all, it gives you a good medium but buildable coverage but doesn’t at all feel cakey or like you’re even wearing makeup, it has the distinctive smell of every single Rimmel product but it’s not overpowering either. Another plus is the fact that the packaging is lovely, the pump applicator is something that I never expect with a drugstore foundation so to get one is an added extra and the fact that it is a glass bottle makes it seem like a much more luxurious product as well as having the orange pop of colour which makes the product stand out and look simply gorgeous on my dressing table. Another thing I adore about this product is the fact that it does actually “wake me up” on those gloomy mornings where I’m tired and my skin is looking really dull. It has luminous particles built in to the foundation, that when applied on the skin give a really nice sheen, too apply this foundation I always pump it onto my hand first and once I’ve done this I can see that there are lots of glitter particles left but on your face the sparkle goes away and just leaves you skin gorgeous and glowing. I think this is actually my favourite drug store foundation and I’ve tried a huge amount, I’m a massive foundation fiend and I never go back to a foundation that I’ve already tried before but this was definitely the exception. It’s just beautiful, it gives your skin the coverage you need, whilst looking light and making you look more awake and it’s cheap and you get a gorgeous package design, what more could you want?! I love it!

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer
This is another product that hasn’t been talked about quite a bit within the blogging world and on trying it and experimenting with it for about 2 weeks now I can completely understand the hype. This is hands down the best primer I’ve ever tried, I’ve tried benefit primers, a smash box primer and several drug store primers and this beats them all hands down. I don’t know what it is about this primer that makes me love it more than the others I’ve tried, it’s just perfect for my skin, it’s a completely clear product that just smoothes the skin, it makes it soft, it holds your makeup, the list goes on and on. On the packaging Rimmel claims that this primer does 5 things, smoothes the skin, resurfaces the skin, brightens the skin, mattes the skin and protects the skin. I would pretty much agree with everything that Rimmel has said, it definitely smoothes and resurfaces the skin, even if I’m having a “no makeup” day then I would use this primer just to make my skin feel better and look nicer as well, I’m not sure if I would say that this primer brightens your skin, I think it does a bit but if you’re looking for a brightening primer then I would suggest there’s much better primers that you could choose which have that luminosity about them (perhaps Rimmel’s Wake me up shimmer touch?). It does matte the skin an incredible amount though and I feel like this makes my makeup last a hell of a lot longer then it would without it, and even if it didn’t it would still be the product that I’d go to because it’s just so lovely, it literally feels amazing on the skin and its one of those products that just makes you think your doing good for your skin, which is really good especially as some primers make you feel like your pores are getting more clogged when using the product.

Honestly this product combined with the Rimmel Wake me up foundation pretty much changed my foundation routine forever and I think it’s literally the best thing I did picking them both up, such an amazing combination and everything you want from your primer and foundation. Plus for £8.99 for the foundation (or £5.99 in boots at the moment) and £6.99 RRP or £4.99 at the moment the primer is a massive bargain too. Simply an amazing and cheap combination.

Oooh and I thought I’d put a picture of me wearing the foundation so you can see just how ace my skin looks, told you it was good. I'm super impressed with the results, my skin looks completely flawless compared to when i've used more high end foundations.


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Lots of Love
Gem xxxxx



  1. I didn't get on with that foundation at first but i think when i use it with my buffing brush it'll be really good! Gonna get that primer when i use my current ones up too, i like the fact it's not like a gel and more like a cream :)

    1. yeah give that a go! I've been using it with my real techniques brush and that seems to have been working for me! Yeah I would highly recommend the primer, it feels like silk on my face and works! :) xxxx

  2. Love this post!I think your blog is gorgeous with a lot of refreshing posts, which I like!
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother? Let me know xxx

    1. Awww thank you my love :) I'll check your blog out ASAP :) xxxx

  3. Really need a primer - looking everywhere for the perfect one! May check this out :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

    1. Oh gosh, yeah highly recommend this one, and it's so cheap which is always a bonus :) will do! xxxx

  4. hei really thanks for this review! i need it ;). this prime sounds great, yay!
    so if you want we can follow each other, i'll be really glad ;).
    Well, i follow you immediately :)! bisous dear & happy w/e! x

    1. Hiyaaa :) aww that's no problem! Haha the primer is awesome, I got my friend hooked on it too, it's a miracle worker! I'll check out your blog ASAP :) xx

  5. Definitely going to give that combo a whirl when I run out of my current routine. I've been loving switching from high end to drug store, I've found so many awesome products.

    1. Yeah I would highly suggest it :) it's such a nice combo! They just work really well together :D new fav's for sure! Yeah me too, think it shows you you don't always have to spend loads and loads of money to get good results! Xxx


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