Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn fav's

Hi Dolls,

Today this post is a bit different, the past week I’ve been feeling really down because I’ve had a really bad cold and been feeling rather under the weather. Having a cold in September is very unusual and that combined with the fact that the nights have began drawing in and it’s got really rather chilly. This has all left me in the mood to cuddle up in my bed in my onesie and a bar of chocolate and catch up on all the good old soaps. This has therefore given me the idea for a post. I want to show you some new purchases that I’ve purchased for autumn and some of the old products that I want to use more now because they are more suitable for autumn and therefore will work better at this time of the year. I know some of you will read this and be hating on me for bringing up the subject of doom and gloom, but as we haven’t had much of a summer anyway it’s probably time that we move on from the little bit of summer we had to a nice autumn. I personally love autumn and winter, I love being able to cosy on up in my house and I prefer winter clothes as well as autumn and winter beauty trends. So anyway, on to my autumn fav’s:

My autumn favourites are a combination of bath and body products as well as some makeup products. I feel that in the autumn months I need more moisture on my skin as it starts to dry out more and therefore I need products that will work better for that and I feel that my makeup needs to become less bright and luminous and more burgundy and browns need to be used within my look.

The first products that I have picked up which are perfect for Autumn are this bath and shower gel which are made by Imperial Leather, the reason that I picked these up was due to the fact that I was intrigued by the names of the products, they were called ‘Japanese Spa’ and this just took me to a place of calm and relaxation. I have tried both the bubble bath and shower gel and love them both, they have such a nice scent to them and they really do relax them as well as making sure that your skin feels super smooth, soft and clean. You can pick these up from Boots or a supermarket as we did. Definitely perfect for those warm evening bubble baths during the Autumn months.

The next lot of products that I think are
perfect for Autumn are some beauty products. I’ve been neglecting some of the products in my collection simply due to the fact that I felt that they wouldn’t really work for summer and spring. I think in the summer and spring light pinks, bright pinks and corals are normally the colours you use, and you highlight your looks with a bright lip or a bright blush and therefore the darker colours that I’ve been saving are more perfect for Autumn. As you can see I have a blush, 2 lipsticks and a lip-gloss that I’ve been saving for Autumn, and these products will probably be the products I use in order to change up my summer look into a look perfect for the different season. The first thing I’ve gone for is an old favourite, an elf blush from the studio line that’s called ‘Berry Merry’ I like the fact that this will warm up my collection in the more gloomy months and I love the specks of gold within this blush, plus it’s an absolute bargain at only £3.75! Next I have 2 lipsticks, the first of the lipsticks is from Primark, it’s a dark brick red colour that is great for a statement lip and also £1.00, the last lipstick I have is the Kate Moss Lipstick, in shade 19, this is a nudey colour with brown undertones and therefore it’s great as the nights get darker. The last thing I have is a natural collection lip-gloss and you can see this is quite a dark reddish-brown colour which will again be great to compliment the lips during the season. You can pick the Rimmel lipstick and Natural Collection lip-gloss up at Boots and the other lipstick up at Primark.

The foundation I have chosen for the season is going to be the Avon ‘Ideal Flawless’ foundation, I like this foundation due to the fact that it is a perfect match for my skin colour when I’m a little paler, which I will be now, I don’t tend to fake tan or tan naturally at all as the year goes on and therefore I want a foundation that is going to compliment my natural skin colour. I haven’t really tried this foundation as yet but it’s meant to be quite full coverage which I need during this season as opposed to BB creams or tinted moisturisers which I would prefer to use due to their lighter coverage in the warmer months. You can order this foundation offline or from your local Avon representative.

The next 2 products I’ve been saving for Autumn and I brought them quite a few months ago now. I brought two products from the Montage Jennesse range, firstly I got a face mask bottle, basically this bottle contains enough products for 5 face masks, and because I love every single one of the Montage Jennesse masks so I thought this was quite a good product for me to have. This smells quite fruity and has an orange smell to it, it’s not one of the favourite scents of the face masks that I’ve tried but I’m sure that it’ll still be just as good as all of the other ones I’ve tried. I thought this would be really good due to the fact that I’ll want to treat my face more as the weather conditions will probably be quite harsh on it over the next couple of months. The second thing I got was a Montage Jennesse Chocolate Balm, and seriously this is AMAZING, I absolutely love it, every single girl needs one of these, not only is it incredibly moisturising but it also smells and tastes like chocolate, it is seriously the greatest thing I’ve ever put on my lips. I adore it, definitely recommend this.

The next few products I’ve been buying over the last few weeks. These are all products for my face and body. For example I have sudocrem which I’ve brought because I’ve heard good things about it locking moisturiser into my face and also getting rid of spots and blemishes, I felt that I needed a hardcore moisturiser for the more harsh months. I’ve heard that sudocrem masks also work really well to energise the face and make it smooth and fresh. The next product I have is a Avon Hand cream, it’s from the Skin so soft range and I feel that I need a hand cream in the colder months due to my hands chapping and losing their moisture, which this cream is really good at retaining moisture. The last thing I brought was a mini mitt from Soap and Glory, this is literally a mini mitt which you can use to exfoliate your face and keep it feeling soft by scrubbing off all the dead skin cells. I think all of these 3 products will be really useful during the Autumn.

The last thing I decided to include in this haul is some nail varnish that I want to try and use more in the Autumn months due to the fact that I think that these colours are perfect for the season. All 3 of these nail varnishes will look good with the autumn outfits that I have planned, they’re bold colours and bright enough to make a statement but still dark enough to work in the colder months.

Overall I think i've got a good collection ready to pamper myself and get me through the Autumn months, I hope you like my Autumn picks so far!
Thank you for reading
Lots of Love


  1. I really want to try the Kate collection for Rimmel, haven't tried any yet.

    The Fearne nail varnishes look lovely! I adore Miss Cotton! :) x

    1. Ooooh do it! They're really good lippies, I love them! haha yeah me too, she's the best :) style icon for sure xxx

  2. Love Fearne's nail varnishes too! :)xx

  3. Sudocrem is my life saver! it really helps to get rid of spots xx

    1. Oh gosh mine too, I've used it before and I find it great for spots, sudocrem mask once a week and you're all sorted :) xxx

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    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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