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my love for MUA

Hi Everyone!

Another post today about some beauty products that I am loving. A lot of you would now have heard of MUA a beauty range that is super cheap, with products that range from £1.00 - £8.00, so a collection of really affordable products. Over the last few months I have literally fallen in love with MUA, before I tried them I kind of had already formed an opinion, I thought that MUA would just be a brand full of cheap products that would conform to the teen market and to makeup beginners, but boy was I wrong! I have definitely learned not to judge any brand by their appearance or price. MUA have some of the best quality cosmetics within their range that I have hand on hand ever tried, they are fighting their way fiercely throughout the British cosmetic market and they are doing a very good job of it. They now have collections collaborated with Alexander Burke and also the brand “Love Hearts” signalling their further success. They are based in Superdrug and also online and they have a huge fan base. Throughout the blogging world MUA are either known, loved and used or have never been heard of and in my opinion if people keep singing their praises then their sales will end up rocketing and they will probably take a huge proportion of the British Cosmetic Market, with some of this products actually rivalling the quality of some of the products that are on offer on the high street at sometimes double or triple the price. Therefore today’s post is really a RAVE of how much I actually love MUA, I normally go into Superdrug simply to get their products and I have actually got quite a collection going on.

The products that I have personally collected so far are as follows:
MUA Mosaic Blush (£2.50),
MUA Starry Eyes pallet (£4.00),
MUA Glitter Eyes Pallet (£4.00),
MUA Blush Shade 1 (£1.00),
MUA extreme felt tip liner (£1.00),
MUA Love Hearts Kiss Me balm (£2.00),
MUA Sugar Lips Balm (£2.00)

The first product I’m going to be talking about is the MUA Mosaic Blush, this is the pink version of the blush and I absolutely love it, I think this was one of the first products I ever tried from MUA and kind of where my love affair began in the first place the reason that I like this product is because it’s highly pigmented, I love the fact that it can work as a blush but also has enough shine and shimmer in it to also work as a highlighter. I really personally love pink blushes and I always go back to using pink blushes and this one just gives the cheeks such a healthy and lovely glow, and the fact that it has a sheen makes it extra special if you want to use it for nights out. Also I recently purchased the “Love at First Blush” by Soap and Glory and this product really is an exact dupe of the Soap and Glory blush, which was £11.00 compared to the £2.50 blush. The product is soft and easily blendable and just really works; this blush is actually a repurchase because I dropped my first one and was soooo upset to have lost it. Really one of the main stars of the MUA collection!
The next products that I have collected through my love of MUA is the two different eye shadow pallets, I have the starry nights pallet which is full of lots of silvers and shimmer so therefore it is great for a night out and then I have the glittery eyes pallet which can be used for nights out but can also be worn down for a nice natural day look.
Firstly the Starry Nights Pallet, this pallet has 8 shades as all of the MUA pallets do and all of the pallets actually cost £4.00, this pallet has a light lilac shade, a pink shade, a dark midnight blue shade, a silver copper shade, a navy blue, a dark black, a darker purple, a white highlighting shade, a light silver shimmery shade, a pale blue, another purple and another lilac shade. Some of the shades within this pallet are quite similar but they all have different dimensions that make them all unique. All of the shades within this pallet have got different amounts of shimmer in them which is why I would suggest that they are better for the night time. I do like this pallet quite a lot but I wish it maybe had some more matte shades so that I could find it easier to use within the day. The quality of this eyeshadow pallet is really really good though, all of the shades are pigmented and highly blendable which is the same for all of the different eyeshadows in all of the MUA pallets I have tried to far. So overall I really like this eyeshadow pallet, a great investment and for only £4.00 it’s a really good pallet to invest in, I think you just have to consider how much you would actually use it and whether you already have similar colours within your collection.

The next pallet is the Glitter Balls Pallet, I LOVE this pallet, definitely my favourite of the two pallets, this pallet has what the other pallet lacks, a huge amount of diversity, it has lots of different colours, a mix of brights and neutrals so you can build up a great eye for the evening or play your eyes down for the day time, which I personally love to do. The shades in this pallet run much differently, we have a black, a peachy pink, a dark ivy green, a bright blue, a mint green, a white highlighter, a shimmery pink, a gorgeous gold, a coppery brown, a darker warmer brown, a silver and a purple. So you can see that this pallet can be worn in lots of different ways, the colours are so pigmented and just gorgeous and I have used this pallet a lot since I got it, seriously LOVE IT, if you want to try a MUA pallet I would definitely recommend this one just because it has shades and colours for everyone and therefore it is really adaptable to the looks you want to create, absolute perfection.

The next thing I have from MUA is a blush, the blush I got is in shade 1 and it is simply a big blush, it has a slight shimmer in it but nothing that you can really see when it has been applied to the face, the blush seems quite powdery when you swatch it or put it in on your brush but once it is blended in it looks fantastic and it really gives my face a natural flush of colour which I’m really into at the moment. I actually want to get more of these blushes since I’ve tried this one because for £1.00 they really do perform and I haven’t actually heard anything bad about them. The only thing I would say is that the packaging is a bit flimsy but then again what can you expect?!

The next product I have is something really simple, I brought the MUA pen liner for £1.00, this is a good felt tip liner, not the best I’ve tried but for the price you can’t really go wrong, it works well, hasn’t dried out and has fairly good pigmentation. I don’t have a lot of things too say about this product overall but it’s a good product.

The next two things that I got from MUA were 2 lip balms from the MUA love hearts collection, the two lip balms I have are under the names “Kiss me” and “Sugar Lips”. “Kiss Me” is a bright red lip balm, which looks really nice on the lips because it doesn’t come out that bright and “Sugar Lips” is just a really light pink colour that looks like my lip colour but better, I really like both of these lip balms they are very moisturising and nice on the lips, they feel good, smell good and they look really nice on the lips, they are slightly more expensive then the normal lipsticks from MUA but I personally prefer these balms and they’ll last for ages.

Overall. I love MUA and all of the products i've tried!
You can purchase all of these products at SuperDrug or the MUA website where you can get a new immaculate pallet free until the end of September!
Thanks for reading
Lots of Love
Gem xxxx


  1. lovely glitter balls pallette and lovely blog, thanks for the follow and the comment, following you back. Do you have twitter? @bellinibeauty1

    1. thank you! it's alright hun :) yeah i do @gemmabullock1 i will follow you when i'm next on! xx


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