Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Models Own Nail Varnish - Glitterball Hot Stuff

Hi Dolls,

The other day me and my boyfriend went shopping for our 2 year anniversary and I got drawn to Boots once again (darn that 3 for 2 offer!) anyway I’ve been eyeing up some of the models own Mirror ball collection for a little while now after seeing them on a few blog posts and just thinking they were gorgeous. I’m a massive fan of anything blingy or full of glitter so these nail varnishes were right up my street. I’m not a massive nail varnish girl, I do buy nail varnish and wear it but I don’t have the most patience so unlike a lot of you lovely ladies I don’t have the time or the effort to be creating lots of beautiful nail varnish designs, I just want something that is wearable. Anyway my boyfriend brought me the “Hot Stuff Mirror ball Nail Varnish” and I love it. 

You do need to apply a base coat first due to the fact that this is a glittery product and therefore works lovely layered up as a top coat over a nice pink shade but it isn’t perfect by itself. I think this is such a lovely color and I want to pick a few more of them up, I think they would look lovely over the festive period where you can get away with more glitter. Actually I haven’t ever tried a models own nail varnish before (I know, big shocker!) so I was really surprised by the quality of this nail varnish and even if you don’t wear it, it is soooo damn pretty to stare at, so that’s enough right?!

A few people have said that as pretty as these nail varnishes are they aren’t very wearable, but I wouldn’t say that, you could wear this on one accent nail to make your nails look a bit more dramatic or do what I’m planning to do and plaster it over them all to add some glitz into my life. Other people have also said this is a hell to get off your nails, I don’t know because I haven’t tried getting it off yet but I would say that most glitter nail varnishes are a pain to get off so you may as well bite the bullet and try it anyway.

This nail varnish retails for £5.00!! BARGAIN, and you can pick it up at Boots or on the Models Own website, seriously such a lovely color, massive thumbs up from me!
P.s – I decided that the pictures on my blog just weren’t cutting it after being lazy and simply using my iphone for the last few months so I’ve cracked my camera out and have been working on better lighting for my blog photo’s. 
Let me know if you think it looks any better or give me some tips! I’m a newbie and the photo’s are the one thing I really do struggle with. Also sorry for the fact theres about one hundred pictures of this nail varnish bottle, was trying out my camera and had a lot of fun so thought i'd chuck them all in so I could see what you guys thought. 

Thanks for reading
Lots of Love
Gem xxx



  1. I seriously need to try this polish out! Such a lovely christmassy colour!


    1. yeah it is, it'll be perfect for all the festive parties! love it!
      thanks for the nice comment :) xxx

  2. Such a beautiful nail polish!!

    1. yeah i know! it's so glittery, perfect for us girly girls! xx

  3. Oh I love this I want the purple one heehh I can't wait to buy it!
    Soo pretty and lovely blog! I'm following! I was wondering if you could take a peek at mine and perhaps follow back please?
    Thank you!

    1. yeah me too, i absolutely love the purple and the blues one so think i'm gunna try both of those ones too!
      awww thank you my love :) yeah i'll definitely check your blog out, thank you for the nice comment! xxx

  4. Pretty! Models Own makes the best nail polishes! :))

    1. yeah i'm really impressed by the quality! thanks hun x


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