Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sleek i-divine PPQ Shangri-La - Respect Palette

Hi Girls,

Two posts in one day, I think I’m on fire a bit today, I’ve just changed my blog layout around and I think it looks much more professional now and I’ve been editing photo’s so I’m feeling a lot more positive about blogging now. Also I have now reached 90 followers – thank you all so much for supporting me! I’m trying to get into more of a blogging routine so that you girls always have something new to read but I’m kind of one of those people who just has to blog when inspiration hits me but I’m trying.

Anyway, you may have seen that in my last post I mentioned that I went shopping well, whilst I was in Super Drug I saw that they had both of the new Sleek Palettes that had been released. I’ve wanted to get my hands on some Sleek products for quite a while now but I haven’t really been able to decide exactly what I should get so when I saw this palette it was perfect. I really liked this palette straight away, the colors are just so autumn and so wearable now that the weathers got colder. I immediately liked the fact that this palette had the neutrals that I’m so comfortable wearing but also had a few brighter colors that worked well with the neutrals so that I could become a bit braver with my eye shadow. I’m one of those people who is very influenced by the packaging of products and can I just say that every single thing on Sleeks display cabinet looked gorgeous, they have this slick black packaging that just looks lovely and they’re packaging certainty reflects their name well.
I didn’t just buy the product for its gorgeous packaging though, there was also a tester palette so I swatched some of the eye shadows on my hand and saw how greatly pigmented and creamy they were and that just meant I had to have it.
Let me just say this palette is awesome, it’s such a fab palette for autumn/winter and so unique to some of the other palettes I’ve seen on the market. The eye shadows themselves are very bendable, creamy and so pigmented.  In all honestly they’re just about the same in quality as some of my urban decay eye shadows which is really saying something! These eye shadows are perfect to wear everyday to the office and school but are also great if you want to play your eyes up for a night out because you can really use the brighter orange and red shades, I’m seriously IN love.


What Sleek Says:
“Inspired by classic Motown sound, the PPQ collection has a retro vibe channeling glamorous 60’s style! Limited edition Respect i-Divine is packed with super pigmented, creamy eye shadow, with color’s inspired by PPQ’s S/S 2013 collection, with flattering coral pink and orange shades. Choose from shade names such as ‘Otis Red’ and ‘New Jack Pink’”
I don’t really agree with the claims that the Sleek made, I don’t really see that these eyeshadows are very vintage? Some of the colours like the orange could be seen to be from the 60’s era and it’s definitely a glamorous product and it’s right about the gorgeous pink and coral shades. They do have some great names for some of the colours as well, including Glady’s white, James Brown, Shalamar, Count basi beige, Aretha Orange, Otis Red, New Jack Pink, Ojays, Motown Mink, Cameo Cream, Vandellas and Roberta Black.
This palette retails for £7.99 in Superdrug or on the Sleek Website (Although you do have to pay tax!?) Such a great palette for these Autumn Months!
Lots of Love
Gem xxx



  1. Oh wow there are some daring colours in here! I very rarely wear eyeshadow but I could totally do with some better colours, I only own MUA's undressed pallet.

    Vicki from

    1. yeah there is! I think that's why I like it so much, love that theres so many individual colours that you don't often see! yeah i'm the same, i didn't wear eyeshadow for years and it's the one product i normally skip if i'm in a rush but i am trying to branch out a bit now. Ooooh I've been eyeing up MUA's undressed palette, perfect neutrals! xxx

  2. wish we had sleek in the US! i hear lots of good things. following you nowwww.

    1. aww thank you for the follow, yeah it is really good. you could always order offline, but I was looking at sleek's facebook page the other day and i haven't really heard many good things about shipping to the US, with a lot of packages going missing or taking ridiculous amounts of time to get there, so it's a bit of a mission! could try ebay i suppose? xx

  3. Lovely pigments! Do post some looks with it :)

    1. yeah i'm going to be using it in a few face of the day posts i think! thank you :) xxx

  4. I'm loving the 4 shades on the far left!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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    1. yeah, i think those are my fav shades too, they are the best shades for the autumn months! thank you for the comment :) and i'll defo check your blog out asap :) xxx


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