Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Fav's

Hi Guys,

Hope you're all okay, today I'm going to be showing you some of my favourite products from October, I can't believe we're in November!! Christmas and New Year will be here before we know it. Anyway i'm going to get into showing you my personal favourites this month, I feel like I experimented quite a bit this month with quite a few new products so it's been a lot easier to pick some of my favourites this time around.

The first thing which I have been loving this month is the Sleek I-divine palette which I have already done a review on here I brought this palette because I thought all of the shades would work really nicely throughout the autumn months and it had a nice selection of neutrals as well as a few colours. In all honestly theres only a few shades that I actually really like, I like the shade 'James Brown' which is second in from the left, the shade next to it which is called Shalamar and then the burgundy red colour which is underneath James Brown and that ones actually called Ojays. The rest of the palette has been quite neglected by me because I love using the 3 colours i've just talked about blended on top of my maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze because I think that helps the colours to really stand out and gives me a lovely neutral eye for the day but also allows me to create quite a smokey eye for the nighttime. 

The second thing i've been loving this month is the Autograph primer which you can buy from the Marks and Spencers beauty counter/area. I recently ran out of my beloved Rimmel Pro Primer (that was a seriously sad day) and i've been using this primer instead and it's actually fairly good, I love how it has radiance particles in it which helps to make my dull autumn skin look a little brighter and gives me a really nice glow whilst also keeping my foundation in place.

The next thing i've been lovely lately is the MUA lipstick in shade 3, oh my gosh, this lipstick is seriously gorgeous, I never really used to be overly fussed on lipsticks, I would buy some and wear a few but this lipstick has been constantly on my lips everyday since I brought it about 2 weeks ago, it is amazingly pigmented, the colour is gorgeous and just wakes up the whole face and it just really compliments my skin type. I really really reaaaaallly adore this product and it was only £1.00?! what's not to love?!

The next product i've been loving this month is the maybelline colour tattoo is on and on bronze, as I have already said i've been wearing it with the sleek palette and it is a perfect base and honestly keeps my eyeshadow on all day long, I have honestly not ever seen a product with the lasting power that this product does, it's actually quite hard to get it off! I have reviewed this product here if you would like to know a little more about it. 

Another product i've recently rediscovered and it has reunited our love affair all over again is the L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss, this is simply a liquid eyeliner but it is by far the easiest eye liner ever to use, it stays on all day and it actually does give a 'carbon gloss' finish. This is a favourite of loads and loads of beauty bloggers so i'll spare you the boring details but I really think this is the best liquid eyeliner you can get on the high street and it will last you forever and make it easy to get a really precise line. 

Another bargain product i've been loving this month is this bronzer by MUA, by the way I just want to say that I think MUA is such a good brand for the money, their products are so cheap but yet they are all of a really good quality, which is great because I think it's actually quite hard to find a brand like that these days. Anyway, this bronzer is perfect, it is great for contouring your cheek bones or just giving the whole face a bronzed glow, it's a massive beast of a bronzer and I think you get like 10g of product for £3.00?! Which is a fab deal, this bronzer has a tad bit of golden shimmer running through it as well but it's nothing major or noticeable at all and i've really been liking using this on my face recently.

The next product i've been loving I've recently spoke about in my favourite products by soap and glory haul - here this is the 'Clean on me' shower gel, and it's gorgeous, it smells nice, is soooo creamy and just makes your skin feel so soft and clean, it's such a nice shower gel and I could invest in it again and again.

Finally, the last product i've been loving this month is the Neutrogena Face Scrub in pink grapefruit, this again smells really lovely and really helps to refresh your skin on these cold and dull autumn mornings, it has small pink beads in it that just help to liven up your skin and it's super easy to use, you simply spread some of the product over your face and then wash it off with some warm water. I think this really helps to clean out my pores as well.

Anyway, I hope you liked reading my monthly favourites, 
What were you loving during october?
Lots of Love
Gem xxx


  1. Oh i really want to try that Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit daily scrub! But first I need to finish the garnier one I'm currently using! >.<

    1. Ooooooh it's lovely! It smells lush as well I'm like mmm! Defo use yours up and then get this bad boy ;) thanks hun! Xxx

  2. Haven't tried the Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze, but I really like the orange one. Thanks for commenting because I'm glad I found your blog! xx

    1. Ooooh I haven't tried the orange one! I haven't seen it around really! I'll have to keep an eye out :) awww no problem hun, thanks for the lovely comment - glad I found your blog too! Xxx

  3. Hey I just wanted to ask if the mua bronzer is long lasting and doesn't go patchy or wear off if you get what I mean? Thanks!! Really happy I found your blog as you have plenty of reviews for me to read :)


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