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Anti-Blemish Skinetica Review

Anti - Blemish Skinetica - Soothes, Calms, Clears - £9.99 100ml here*

Hi Dolls, hope you're all okay! I'm not going to ramble too much today because I have lots to say & I just want to jump right in and get on with the post. Now i'm sure a lot of you have heard of the brand 'Skinetica' by now, probably this time last year you hadn't, they're appearance in Glossy Boxes before Christmas really gained them a status & you may have seen reviews on blogs about Skinetica recently as they try and develop their brand. Every since I've seen all the hype that surrounded this product I've wanted to try it, it really intrigued me and to be honest I've pretty much only heard really good things about this product. This is why when the really nice Richard from Skinetica emailed me a fair few weeks ago now and offered to send me a sample of Skinetica I literally jumped at the chance. I was so interested too see how this differed from lots of other spot treatments and probably the biggest difference was that this one actually worked!

Anyway, I'm going to have to go back into my skin care history a bit in order too explain my love for this product. I used to have pretty good skin, I have quite combination skin, I have a pretty oily face and an even oilier t-zone but I get a lot of dryness around my eyes and nose. Apart from that though my skin was pretty much under control, the only problems I had was the fact that I'd get an odd blemish now again but nothing too major. That was until before Christmas, I don't know what the hell happened but my skin was ridiculous for a good 3/4 month period, I suffered a huge amount of spots on both sides of my cheeks and on my chin & I just couldn't for the life of me pin-point why my skin had done a compete 180 on me. I tried lots of different face scrubs and spot treatments but my skin would literally get worse by the day and I was so sad about it. I think it really has a negative effect on your confidence when your skins rubbish & I really hated it. Anyway I'm pretty much over the worst of my skin worries now (thank god, touch wood - all that jazz!) & I think part of the reason for that was using this product. Skinetica didn't magically remove my spots or anything like that but it seemed to balance my skin out again it seemed to calm my skin & just keep it under control. I now don't wake up and think my skins going to look worse than yesterday because I know it won't, I know that it's working and although it doesn't completely clear up your skin (but lets face it what product is going to?) it just makes your skin normal again & stops more blemishes from appearing.

I don't have any idea why this product works and to be honest I don't understand it and I can't really quite believe it, I think because it doesn't have any harsh chemicals that are found in most spot & acne treatments it really agrees with my sensitive skin & I find this to be one of the only face products that doesn't burn or irritate my skin or just make the problem worse. The science behind this product is that it does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid which are the active ingredients in 99% of acne treatments. Maybe this is why it works so well, a lot of people have said once you've tried one of the spot or acne treatments you've pretty much tried them all because they all contain the same ingredients but this doesn't, so if you've tried everything else I would see this as a pretty good option. In fact ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide probably couldn't be any worse for you, there is evidence to suggest that it causes premature aging, can damage cells & thin your skin, do you really want to put that on your face?!

Another thing about Skinetica which is just amazing is how it works, you simply are instructed to pop this on your face when your skin is clean by simple slapping it on a cotton pad & wiping it across the affected area of your face. I do this after I've cleansed and Skinetica has kind of taken my toning step and I think it works really well. You then have to leave it to dry naturally which only takes a second or two. Then Skinetica actually keeps working on your skin for 12 whole hours when it's dried, that means you can apply it at night time and leave it on while you sleep and it's literally working on blemishes and uneven skin tone all night long.

I just think Skinetica is such a good product and I don't think I could rave about it anymore times if I tried. It's Dermatologically tested, has no side effects, contains no harsh chemicals and isn't greasy and it actually works! The only niggle I have with it, and I always have to have one haha is the smell, it smells very 'spot treatment' like and I know that it is a spot treatment so that's what you would expect but it takes a bit of getting used too, not enough to stop me using it though. I would really recommend this to anyone who wants to really be able to control their skin and if you're thinking of trying this I would say head over to the Skinetica website http://www.skinetica.co.uk/buy-skinetica-online.html and just read about it and see if it's for you. Also Skinetica are offering a FREE 15ml size bottle of this which means you can sample the product and see if it works for you, all they ask is you pay the tiny price of £1.00 for postage, you can find this on the website here http://www.skinetica.co.uk/. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers with their skin because this for me just worked like no other product would, I would say make sure you check out the trial version first just because everyones skin is unique and we all react to different products recently but as a whole this product gets a massive thumbs up for me! Let me know if you've tried Skinetica & I'll speak to you all really soon! :) xxx


  1. I just ordered a sample and i'm really keen to try it:D great post!
    I'm also holding a giveaway at the moment:)

    1. Yay! Let me know how you find it hun & if you enjoy using it! :)
      thank you xxx

  2. It's amazing isn't it honey? I got a sample sent to me too.. and in the middle of writing up my post :D it just works so well.. just wish it didn't smell so bad :( xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. yeah it's really good, i'm super impressed! :) ooooh no :( i'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the smell a little off putting! xx

  3. I definitely need to try this now!, think I've finally found what wil sort out my breakouts, thank you!


    Gemma x

    1. that's alright my lovely! :) let me know how you find it xx

  4. thanks for sharing!! i'm going to try it out. my face always gets so dry after my cleansing pads and i think my skin can use a break. i just hope it doesn't actually smell too bad!! hhaha... xx


    1. no problem Liz! :)ooooh yes, I think sometimes the chemicals can get a bit much for your skin! hahaha i'll leave that up to you to decide, it's not awful just not the nicest smell in the world! xxx


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