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Spring Tag

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Hi lovelies, It's been really Spring like in the UK over the last few days so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do the Spring Tag on my blog. I saw this first on Fleur De Force and Miss Glamorazzi's You tube channels but after seeing it spread and seeing it on a few blogs I thought i'd jump on the band wagon. So I hope you enjoy this & it gets you in the mood for Spring.

1) What's your favourite spring nail polish?
I absolutely love nail varnish in the spring and summer months, I'm a massive fan of pastel colours and I think they look really flattering and girly on the nails. I normally have gel nails so I don't get to paint my finger nails very often but I think pale pinks, lilacs and mint shades are perfect for this season. My favourite nail polish that I picked up lately was the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Lychee, I think the shade is just really neutral but pretty for spring, although I don't think that range of nail varnishes is really over impressive in terms of shine, the formula isn't amazing but the colour is gorgeous. I also really like the look of Essie's Candy Apple which is a bit of a hyped up product in the beauty and blogging world, I think that Essie have it spot on with that shade because it just looks like Spring in a bottle too me, wish it wasn't always sold out everywhere though, such a bummer!

2) What is your most have lip colour this spring?
I have a few lip colours that are just perfect for Spring, my favourite's would definitely have to be from the Revlon Lip Butter range, they were featured in this post here. I cheated a bit here because I couldn't just pick one shade but I think that the shades that are perfect for spring will be the lip butter in Sorbet, which is a bright, hot pink fuchsia, it's just the perfect colour for warming up your complexion as the weather gets hotter and it's always night to brighten up your lip colour as it comes into Spring. I think that the colour that I will be wearing the most these coming months though will be the Lip Butter in Cotton Candy (don't you just love the name!) it's a really nice baby pink that can be built up for a more intense colour but I just really love wearing it and think it fits in with the pastel and baby shades of Spring. I also think the Lip Butters are the best formula for warmer months and are really nice, moisturizing and creamy on the lips.

3) Show us your favourite Spring Dress?
I actually found this one quit hard to answer because I haven't actually been Spring Wardrobe shopping yet. If you live in the UK like I do you know the weather hasn't been very Spring like at all. In actual fact the only time we've seen some sun was over the last weekend where I saw all of the British out in force in shorts and sandals! (what's wrong with people it still wasn't even over 10 degrees!). Anyway I thought I would do some online browsing so I could see if I could answer this one and it led me to falling in complete and utter love with a lot of Lipsy's Spring Range, I think all of these dresses are gorgeous and it's nice that they can be worn during the day and also dressed up at nice. I love the pinks and purple shades with the white and think that will be a really big trend this Spring and I also love floral patterns for spring and think they are a must have. I just love all of these dresses especially the first one and also I love the little play-suit. So yeah, if you're looking for some Spring Inspiration I would defo check out the Lipsy website here.

4) What's your favourite Spring Flower?
I absolutely loveeee flowers all year round but I think my favourite season for flowers is definately Spring. For me flowers just say 'Spring'. I really like pink flowers in Spring and I think as soon as I see the blossom and bluebells coming out on the trees I really know that Spring has arrived so I really do enjoy it. Another favourite flower for me during this season would be Orchids, I absolutely love Orchids and think they are one of the nicest and rarest flowers and one day I will master keeping the buggers alive! But they're just so beautiful and fresh looking and the clean pink and white shades are perfect for the warmer months.

5) What is your favourite Spring Scarf/Accessory?
Hmm, this one was pretty hard for me. I picked up this gorgeous coral purse over the weekend from River Island for a bargain price of £10.00 and I think it's just perfect for Spring, I love Coral Accesories during Spring and I also picked up a really nice necklace from New look but I can't find it on the website. I think everyone needs a really big chunky necklace through Spring that you can throw on witg every outfit and a real 'statement' piece. I also think that pastel scarfs and scarfs with skulls on are really good and 'in' this season.

6) What Spring Trend(s) are you most excited for this year? (makeup, fashion or both)
For me I think I love Spring makeup because it's a time where you really get to play down your makeup and go for really natural, dewy skin a bit of mascara and then use a nice cream blush to liven the cheeks and a bright statement lipstick. So I really like the trend of minimal but flushed makeup. I also really like the trend which I've seen lately of different colour eyeliner or speckled eyeliner which makes the eyes instantly pop and look more interesting although I don't know if I'd be able to pull that one off. I've heard a lot about this from brands like Illamasque. In terms of Fashion Trends I just love pastels and really crisp and light clothing and also the maxi dresses and 'island' type clothing.

7) Favourite Spring Candle?
I really like lighter scent candles, I like Vanilla Candles because that's my favourite scent but I also really like more fruity and clean scented candles during the Spring seasons. I think you want a light scent in your room during Spring and nothing too strong or overpowering so citrus scents and fresh scents are the best this season.

8) Favourite Body Spray/Perfume?
This season my favourite scent or perfume would be the new fragrence from Lacoste. It's the Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Parfum. This is a really floral scent and contains notes of Juicy Pineapple and also Sparkling Mandarin  The heart notes of this parfum are Pineapple Flower, Rose and Jasmine. But it also has Vanilla and Sandalwood which make it perfect for my sweet scent preference. It's fruity but floral and also really fresh and clean which is what makes it the perfect fragrence for Spring. It's super light and easy to wear and just makes me think of Spring. 

9) What is Spring like where you live?
To be honest I'm not sure that we have had much of a Spring, it's been typical english weather which is doom and gloom and lots of rain and it's been bloomin freezing! But over the last few days I've seen a bit of sun shining so I'm hoping Spring will make a full apperance soon.

10) What is your favourite thing about Spring?
I just like that it cheers everyone up a bit, it's like a new fresh start and I love that the Sun is (meant to be) shining and the flowers have bloomed and it just cheers everybody up after a horrible and gloomy winter. I think Spring is one of the best months because it's so fresh and new and also I love that it means Summer is on it's way!

11) Are you a Spring Cleaner?
I'm not a massive Spring Cleaner, I don't have one day where I Spring Clean all day but I do like to reorganise and get rid of some bits and pieces during Spring. I also think that Spring is the perfect opportunity for you to clean out your wardrobe and make way for much more summery clothes and it's also great to change up your makeup and nail varnish choices too so in that way I do Spring Clean. I guess I will have a day in Spring where I give my room a big Spring Clean but i'm not one of those people who has a specific day planned to get my clean on.

12) Any plan for a Spring Break or Upcoming Vacation?
I don't have any plans for an upcoming vacation :( booo! I want to go somewhere though but I haven't got anything planned so I don't think I am!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, I tag you all to give it ago because I love reading tag posts and love seeing what other bloggers have too say!
I'll speak to you all soon & thanks for reading,
Lots of Love
Gem xxx



  1. Lovely spring tag :) I love pastel nail polishes too, I need to get my hands on a few more for this season, all my polishes seem to be quite winter-looking! I'm now following your blog :D would be great if you could check out mine too! Lucy xx

    1. Thank you Lucy! :) Me too a massive fan of the pastel shades! Yeah i'm having the same problem the Models Own ones that smell like different fruit seem amazing?! :) thanks for the follow too lovely xxxx

  2. The pictures are beautiful !
    I can't wait for wear bright colours for spring ! ^^

    1. aww thank you hun! :) can't take credit for those, I got them from Weheartit! Nor me, I love Spring! xxx

  3. Ooh I love this tag! I wouldn't think to do it in a blog post.. love your answers and that RI purse is so pretty xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. thanks Gem!! :) You're such a sweetheart, ahh do it in a blog post, I would love too see your answers! aww thanks darl :) I love it, such a bargain too! xxx

  4. u hve a nice blog :D nd i love pastel color too :D

  5. Your blog is amazing. Want to follow each other?

  6. Such a lovely spring post! :)

    Simone, XO

  7. Beautiful post!!! nice blog!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. this is totally amaze......

    love you to pop over and have a look at our blog....

    love you to follow us and we will follow you ....

    loves h&e xx

  9. Oh I love this post, it's made me feel all happy and is perfect on a lovely sunny day like today :) I just love love love spring, everyone is so much more cheerful :D The photos are all so pretty. I love vanilla candles too :)
    Love Holly x

    1. aww thank you Holly! You're too lovely to me :) Yeah I know, I wrote it on a summery day and it got me all in the mood haha! Ahh I know it makes everyone smile which is always good! :) thanks for the lovely comment again darl xxx

  10. Much love,
    "Keep up the great work on your blog! <3

  11. Thank you for your sharing, great blog, I like

  12. Such a pretty post! Love the pictures! x S.


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